Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention
Aberdeen, MD
0609.15 - Sep 15

A small contingent of Region 7 members from the Adamant, Ascension, DeBraak, Matrix, and Sovereign found themselves at this small convention in Aberdeen MD on stardate 0609.15. This was a multi-day convention with some programming on the Thursday and Friday before. Some folks were there to see the actors & actresses from days gone by, and others were there to man the Region 7 Recruitment table procured by Mike Allen of the DeBraak.

It was a nice, small and quiet convention with a respectable sized dealers room. The small scale made it easy for us to walk up and talk to the guests for as long as we wanted. Richard Herd was present and had his table across from our recruitment table. He was very vocal and even did the rounds in the dealers room visiting each table and greeting everyone. The main guest, Barry Morse had canceled - which was disappointing - but we knew about that before the drive down to Aberdeen. 

David Hedison was the main reason we were all there.This was to be his last convention and we were glad to be a part of it. He told many stories from his past...most of the funniest were about his work on "The Fly". He told us about the unintentional word play that came about when the movie was being advertised just before and right after its initial release in theatres. "The Fly is opening soon." "The Fly is open -  its bigger than anyone expected!"

We had a great time looking though all the vintage items in the dealers room. Ray almost broke the bank buying stuff ...almost. Jim bought the script from Star Trek VI and a unique rarely seen cast shot from Star Trek: The Motion Picture. There were a few vintage TV sets and radios and also memorabilia from old drive-ins. There were alot of DVDs of older TV shows and movies.

We plan to attend this convention again next year. We hear that each year it gets bigger and better.



Mike Allen & Mary Ann Pugliese man the recruitment table on Saturday morning.


Men of Region 7 unite!

Mike Allen, Jim Pugliese, Sonny Wright & Joe Hoolihan (l-r)


Cher & Jim using a new recruiting technique.

Ray Greenberg & Mr Hedison


David Hedison recounted several hysterically funny stories.


Jim Pugliese & Mr Hedison

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