USS Adamant 10th Anniversary Dinner
Buca di Beppo Restaurant
Norristown PA
0609.09 - Sep 9

This year we celebrate 10 years of fandom, friendship and fun!
After a wondrous blast at Las Vegas we opted for a quieter anniversary dinner at local italian restaurant - Buca di Beppo. We reserved the "Pope Room" and watch his eminence smile all through our dinner. As you can see he was mostly interested in the cake. The decor of the room was very nice. Lots of vibrant colors and art work. There was plenty of food, and food, and did I mention there was lots of delicious food! The staff was very polite and attentive. We had lots of left-overs to take home.
Friends from the USS Sovereign joined us our celebration - Beryl, Sonny & Clair. Also Ann Beth's beau Stu joined us, having not been scared off from his previous introduction to the crew. We missed all the members that were not able to attend.
As with all anniversary celebrations, we had some promotions and awards:  Steve Guminski to Lieutenant junior grade & Ann Beth Goldblum to Lieutenant. Merit awards were also presented to many members. We topped off the evening with pictures from Las Vegas.
It is with great honor that I serve as Commanding Officer of the USS Adamant. I am certain that this chapter would not be here today if it weren't for the enthusiastic support and participation of the crew. The CO may be the head of the chapter but it is the crew that is the spirit!
Peace & Long Life!
May the Great Bird of the Galaxy continue to smile down upon us for another decade.
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