Vendor design and long-range plan needed
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Friends of the  Music Concourse has requested a Certificate of Appropriateness and a long-range plan for the area next to the Bandshell.  The text of the request is copied below.  The full memo with photos can be obtained by writing to FMC at the link at the bottom of the page.

Since late 2009, Friends of the Music Concourse has been concerned about the placement of vendors and other equipment in the Music Concourse.  We have talked about our concerns both at the Historic Preservation Commission and at the Recreation and Park Commission.  We appreciate that the Department of Recreation and Park (RPD) moved the hot dog stand out of the center of the Concourse Bowl, first to the sidewalk on the south side of the Bowl, and, most recently, behind the Bandshell.


In recent months, other food vendors have been added to the hot dog stand, and there are plans for more vendors in the same area.  We toured this area with RPD recently and appreciate the opportunity given to discuss these plans with RPD.


We understand the need for RPD to earn income to support its programming.  However, although alterations within the landmark boundary that are temporary installation do not require a Certificate of Appropriateness, the carts have been in the Music Concourse area for over a year now, and the new contracts will be for five years.  We do not consider a five-year presence of food carts to be temporary.


According to the landmark legislation, alterations that require a Certificate of Appropriateness include:


"  1)            A plan or proposal involving the removal, relocation, replacement or significant alteration to the appearance of contributory features within the landmark boundary listed in Attachment F, or introduction of new features not already established in the landmark boundary. "[Italics added]


Therefore, we request that the Department of Recreation and Park (RPD) submit a Certificate of Appropriateness before these concessions become a long-term feature of this historic site.   


In addition, there are greater issues than the presence of specific vendors.  We ask that the Department of Recreation and Park present a long-term plan for both the area behind the Bandshell and the bus parking lot.  We suggest consulting the Golden Gate Park Master Plan and following the spirit of this design, which is that of an attractive, high-quality area to match the dignity and spirit of the overall Music Concourse.  We also suggest that this long-term plan include the type of vendors, the locations and extent of the equipment, the appearance of the equipment, the activities (eating, bicycling, Segway training) supported in the area, and the style, color and materials of the seating and tables that will be provided by the vendors.


The Music concourse is a classic, peaceful space that provides a beautiful respite for San Franciscans and visitors alike from the pressures and commercialism that permeate our 21st century society.  It is a special place, unique in San Francisco and perhaps in the world.  The Department of Recreation and Park has taken care that the original design and materials be preserved, and at great expense.  We encourage RPD to also preserve the special feeling of this area in its development of commercial opportunities behind the Bandshell.


To request the full memo, with photographs, please click here.

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