San Francisco Beautiful Award
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Friends of the Music Concourse was honored with an award from San Francisco Beautiful.  The reward was given to FMC jointly with the Department of Recreation and Park and the Department of Public Works.


At the San Francisco Beautiful dinner on October 24th, 2008, Friends of the Music Concourse was given an award for our participation in the Surface Improvements Project for the Music Concourse.  We were also commended for our community activism in supporting the landmark application that was originally submitted by the neighborhood group SPEAK.  The award was shared between FMC, the Department of Recreation and Park, and the Department of Public Works.

Our thanks to everyone who participated and has shown support for the Music Concourse over the past 7 years.  See the Landmarking tab for the names of everyone who helped out and deserves the credit for the Music Concourse being preserved and enhanced.

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