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Mayor Gavin Newsom at the landmark celebration.*

The Music Concourse became a San Francisco Landmark as of January 15th, 2006.

On February 9th, Mayor Gavin Newsom and the Landmarks Preservation Advisory Board celebrated the landmarking of the Golden Gate Park Music Concourse. The ceremony was held on the Mayor's Balcony overlooking the dramatic City Hall Rotunda. Over 100 members of the public and various city departments attended. Bridget Maley, President of the Landmarks Preservation Advisory Board, presided. Mayor Newsom, Supervisor President Aaron Peskin, and Sponsor Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi all spoke eloquently of the importance of the Music Concourse to San Francisco and the value of preserving our heritage through landmarking.

LPAB President Maley thanked the many organizations and commissions who contributed to this process, including SPEAK, San Francisco Tomorrow, the Coalition for San Francisco Neighborhoods, San Francisco Architectural Heritage, the San Francisco Tree Council, Friends of the Urban Forest, the Neighborhood Parks Council, the Western Neighborhoods Project, Friends of the Music Concourse, and others. She also expressed appreciation to the Department of Recreation and Park, the Planning Department Staff, the Planning Commission, and the Board of Supervisors for their efforts. And last, but not least, to the many members of the public who wrote letters, filled out hundreds of postcards, and attended hearings to express their love of and support for the Music Concourse.

The Music Concourse was established in its present form and dedicated to the people of San Francisco on September 9th, 1900. At that time, over 75,000 citizens sat on benches under the newly planted trees or on the surrounding lawn to listen to speeches and a concert honoring the dedication of the Bandshell. Through the years, this area has been a beloved concert and gathering space for generations of San Franciscans.

Landmarking of cultural landscapes is a relatively new process in historic preservation. The Music Concourse is only the second large park area that has been fully landmarked in San Francisco (Washington Square was the first). The landmarking protects not only the Bandshell but also the surrounding landscape, including the many statues and the historic trees, for the enjoyment of future generations of San Franciscans.


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