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Historic preservation - a work in progress


Friends of the Music Concourse was established so that we can share information and work with the citizens of San Francisco and the staff of the involved City Departments to participate in preserving the remaining historical character of the Music Concourse.
We have worked on the following:
  • Preserving the pollarded trees, when it was proposed that they be cut down as part of the garage project;
  • Regularly attending meetings of the Golden Gate Park Concourse Authority and testifying in favor of this historic space;
  • Testifying before both the Recreation and Park Commission and the Planning Commission to save the historic, pollarded trees;
  • Serving on the Citizens Advisory Committee to the Golden Gate Park Concourse Authority;
  • Advocating for landmarking the Music Concourse from the beginning of the legislation (introduced by Speak) through its final success at the Board of Supervisors, under the leadership of Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi;
  • Working with the GGP Concourse Authority and the Department of Recreation and Park to protect the trees during the design of the Surface Improvements Project (SIP);
  • Recommending and working with a consulting arborist on the tree preservation during the SIP;
  • Doing weekly site visits during the SIP, to be sure that the trees, canopies, and tree roots were not damaged during construction;
  • Working with RPD when the contractor planted the trees in crooked rows; Friends of the Music Concourse measured and laid out the revised replanting, provided diagrams to RPD, and was available to RPD at the time of the replanting, to be sure that the historic tree grid was preserved;
  • Discovered that the contractors had left the burlap and steel baskets on the trees when planting them, and worked with RPD in getting the contractor to remove them.  If these had been left in place, they would have severely hindered the growth of the tree roots and the overall lifespan and development of the trees;
  • Worked with RPD in getting funding for the renovation of the Bandshell roof, during the American Express campaign;
  • Worked with the Park Ranger coalition so that the Park Rangers are adquately staffed to protect the historic elements in the Concourse;
  • Reviewed the excellent Tree Management Plan presented by RPD to the Landmarks Board;
  • Worked with the Planning Department on the Revised Preservation Element, so that all of our significant landscapes can be protected and preserved for future generations of San Franciscans.
  • Some of our members are in the Golden Gate Park Preservation Alliance, working to preserve Golden Gate Park as open space for all San Franciscans.

To read the full application by William Kostura, type in: images/index.html

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