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The Friends of the Music Concourse is working to preserve the Concourse with its tree grid and existing historical elements.

1. Underground Garage Construction

* Friends of the Music Concourse worked with the City to ensure that the trees are protected during this immense garage construction project. One of our members is on the Citizen's Advisory Committee to the project and makes regular visits to the site.

Area in front of bandshell with trees missing from the grid.

2. . Replacement of trees in front of the Bandshell

* We support the replanting of the full historic grid of trees, as recommended in the City's Golden Gate Park Master Plan and the current Surface Improvements plans. In addition, we are advocating replanting all the trees that are missing from the tree grid in front of the Bandshell. These trees provide shade and shelter for concert-goers and are intrinsic to the historic design.

* The new trees are to be pollarded (pruned) to match the existing shape.

3. Recommendations for the Future Care of the Concourse

* Funding for a full-time gardener who is dedicated to the Bowl and its trees. Currently one gardener is assigned to care for the Bowl and the new museum landscapes. The increased attendance at the new institutions and the addition of new trees in the Bowl, will result in increased maintenance requirements for this area.

* The oldest trees in the Bowl are over 100 years old. In order to preserve this marvelous heritage, we would like to obtain funding for a unique program of care appropriate for landmark trees. This might include an in-depth analysis of tree health and special treatment for each tree on individual basis.

This tree failed in the spring of 2004. With special funding, we hope to prevent future tree loss.

* If a tree is lost despite all these efforts, then a new tree must be planted immediately. After analyzing the reasons for tree loss, a new, properly pruned tree can be planted. Additional funding may be required so that appropriate trees can be either contract grown or acquired and cared for until needed.

* Educate permit-holders as to the historic and aesthetic value of the trees and the sensitivity of the tree environment.

* Guard against careless injury during future public events by placing high damage costs on each historic tree for permit-holders.

Heavy vehicles compact the soil, damaging the tree roots and shortening tree life.

* Constant pressure by heavy vehicles can compact the soil and shorten tree life. New regulations have been instituted to limit event vehicular traffic in the Bowl. Vehicular traffic carefully monitored during major events.

* Control of vehicular traffic will also prevent tree loss due to accidents. A few years ago, a historic tree was lost when an event truck backed into it.

* Introduce volunteer programs to assist the City staff with maintenance and other tasks, as needed.

The Music Concourse is the crown jewel of Golden Gate Park. With care and your active participation, it will be preserved for future generations. Please join us in working to care for your heritage.

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