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pablo solomon---photo by Jeb Thomas

Creative Director Beverly Solomon--photo by Timb Hamilton

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Pablo Solomon is an internationally recognized artist  and designer known primarily for his drawings and sculptures of dancers as well as visionary environmental design. He has been featured in books, magazines, newspapers, radio, TV and film. Currently he lives and works with his wife Beverly on their historic 1856 ranch north of Austin, Texas. Before acting as his full time muse and business manager, Beverly was a model and then in sales and marketing for Diane von Furstenberg, Revlon and Ralph Lauren. You can see his work at

"Live below your means and above your fears"
"Follow your dreams--just not over a cliff"

Pablo's Recent Publicity
As you can see, I just gave up keeping track after 2010. I am truly grateful to all of the wonderful people who have covered me. However, I have appeared in literally hundreds and hundreds of publications and broadcasts. So if you are interested please use your search engine for things like Pablo Solomon designer, Pablo Solomon design tips, Pablo Solomon green design, etc.







Music Healing and Harmony: How Music Can Improve Your Health, Enhance Your Brain Power and Help You Relax by Sally Fletcher

Published by Aura Publishing Company, San Rafael, CA  December 2, 2010

Chapter 3: Music, Mood and Love, pages 36 & 37


40+ and Fabulous: Moving Forward Fierce, Focused and Full of Life! By Sondra Wright

Published by Bella House Publishing, P. O. Box 36355, Greensboro, NC 27416-6355  December 1, 2010

Straight Talk and Men’s Thoughts on 40+ and Fabulous Women—Pablo, pages 161 &162


Bad Girls: Why Men Love Them & How Good Girls Can Learn Their Secrets by Carole Lieberman M.D.

Published by Cogito Media Group, 279 Sherbrooke Street West, Suite#305, Montreal, Quebec H2X 1Y2 Canada  November 11, 2010

Chapter 3: The Addict—Dancing As Fast As I Can, pages 90-96

Chapter 4: The Sex Siren—Soap Opera Diva, pages 120-122

Chapter 5: The Sexual Withholder—The Merkin, pages 142-145


Publish Your Book Fast With Maximum Profits on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and More: 10 Secrets Publishers Don’t Want You to Know by Bonnie Vent

Published by Create Space, August 18, 2010

Secret 10: Publicity Ideas for Your Book, page 155


Outsiders on the Inside: How to Create a Winning Career…Even When You Don’t Fit In! by David Couper

Published by The Career Press, Inc., 3 Tice Road, PO Box 687, Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417  August 5, 2010

Chapter 4: The Outsider’s Journey: Accepting Yourself and Others, page 63


The Art of Barter: How to Trade for Almost Anything by Karen S. Hoffman and Shera D. Dalin

Published by Skyhorse Publishing, 555 Eight Avenue, Suite 903, New York, NY  10018  April 21, 2010

Chapter 5: The Upsides and Downsides of Barter, pages 79, 80, 81


Raising Able: How chores cultivate competent confident young people by Susan Tordella

Published by Black Eyed Susan Publications  978 846-2811 April 19, 2010

Chapter 13: Wax, On Wax Off--The Zen of Work, page 173


EAT NAP PLAY: How to Get Even More Out of Your Child’s Day for Less by Robyn Spizman and Evelyn Sacks

Published by Health Communications, Inc., 3201 S.W. 15th Street, Deerfield Beach, FL 33442-8190   April 1, 2010

Chapter 5: Swap, Shop, Barter, Share, page 90


RED FIRE BRANDING:  Create a Hot Personal Brand to have Customers for Life! By Liz Goodgold

Published by Happy About, Silicon Valley, CA, March 15, 2010

Chapter 9: Dress For Success: Turn up the Heat with a Trademark Style, page 113



The Bra Book: The Fashion Formula to Finding the Perfect Bra by Jene’ Luciani

Published by BenBella Books, Inc. 6440 N. Central Expressway, Suite 503, Dallas, TX 75206, December 1, 2009

“Bras and Your Beau”, page 149 (includes drawing from Women and Cats series)


101 Recipes for Making Wild Wines at Home: A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Herbs, Fruits and Flowers by John Peragine

Published by Atlantic Publishing Group, Inc. 1405 SW 6th Avenue, Ocala, FL 34471  November 12,2009

Chapter 2: Grape Wines, page 69 and Chapter 3: Other Fruit Wines, page 89


Surviving Dreaded Conversations:  Talk Through Any Difficult Situation at Work by Donna Flagg

Published by the McGraw-Hill Companies, November 4, 2009

“Employee to Customer/Client”, pages 161 &162


The Power of Slow:  101 Ways to Save Time in Our 24/7 World by Christine Louise Hohlbaum

Published by St. Martin’s Press, 175 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10010, October 27, 2009

“Time is Money …and Other Lies”, pages 26 & 27


Grads Take Charge:  Your First Year After College! by Kathryn Marion

Published by QwikSmarts Publishing, an imprint of Real Solutions Press, PO Box 512, Broomfield, CO 80038, October 12, 2009

“Living the Good Life on a Variable Income”, pages 97 & 98


Free Range Kids: Giving Our Children the Freedom We Had Without Going Nuts with Worry by Lenore Skenazy

Published by Jossey-Bass, A Wiley Imprint, 989 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94103-1741, April 20, 2009

Lock Them Out, “We Thought of Everything, Including Boards with Nails in Them to Fight off Alligators”, Pages 133 & 134


How to Build Your Own Web Site with Little or No Money: The Complete Guide for Business and Personal Use by Bruce C. Brown

Published by Atlantic Publishing Group, Inc. 1405 SW 6th Avenue, Ocala, FL 34471, January 2009

Chapter 18: Web Design Success Stories, pages 663 & 664



The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life by Joyce Schwarz

Published by Collins Design, 10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10012, October 28, 2008

Wealth and Well-Being, page 147, photo of “Mellow Yellow”



Virtual Pose 3: The Ultimate Visual Reference Series for Drawing the Human Figure by Mario Henri Chakkour

Published by Hand Books Press, Rockport, Massachusetts

Prologue by Al Solomon and photo of “Bliss” stone sculpture





The Crafts Report: The Business Resource for Artists and Retailers

July 2010: “10 Types of Difficult Customers” by Patrice Lewis pages 23 & 24

“Snappy answers to stupid questions”


DTM: Defining Trends Magazine

March 2010: Trendspotting—“Latino Art: Back in Black and White” page 30

(Includes 2 photos-- Pablo Solomon and his black and white drawing)


The Crafts Report: The Business Resource for Artists and Retailers

March 2010: “Are Your Doubts Holding You Back?” by Patrice Lewis, page 20

(Includes 2 photos-- Pablo Solomon and “Secrets” stone sculpture)


AARP Bulletin

January-February 2010: “I’ll know the recession is over when…” by Cathie Gandel, page 20 (Includes photo of Pablo Solomon next to President Obama on cover and page 20)



Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine: Building Wealth Through Property Investment

September-October 2009: “The Next Right Thing” by Teresa Bitler, page 52


INSIGHT: The Magazine of the Illinois CPA Society

July 2009:  “Recission-Proof Investments” by Carolyn Tang, page 41


GO—Air Tran Magazine

February 2009:  “5 Reasons You Will Read This Article” by Geoff Williams, page 90



Alaska Airlines

October 2008: “Modern Spaces in Historic Places” by Inya Bort Caruso, pages 125 & 127


Deliver: a magazine for marketers 

September 2008: “Master Pieces” by Natalie Engler, page 11




September 2006: “Sisters in Skin and Stone” photograph by David Allio of Catalina Lissett Fontanez and “Dufay” stone sculpture by Pablo Solomon







Tuesday, August 24, 2010: “He Snores, She Hogs the Blankets, It Must Be Love” by Elizabeth Bernstein, page D3 (print and online)



Thursday, April 1, 2010: Sotheby’s “The Business of Extraordinary Living-Historic Homes” by Iyna Bort Caruso



Thursday, April 1, 2010: “Texas three-step” by Judy Colbert




Monday, June 8, 2009: “Smashing Art’s Narrow Frame: Painter Pablo Picasso kept changing his style on the road to legend” by Pete Barlas, page A3 (print and online)



Monday, March 23, 2009: “Historic Hughes house fosters artist’s creativity” by Robert Stinson, front page and 6A, photo of Beverly and Pablo Solomon on front page (print and online)




April 22, 2008: “Artist Work to Support Houston Dance Company” by Lisa Carnley

Lifestyles page 2




October 10, 2006: Sculptor Selected to Foster Art Appreciation by Lisa Carnley



August 31, 2006: “NY Arts magazine emblazoned with Kauai photographer’s art” by Lanaly Cabalo




Sunday, November 27, 2005: “Touching a Stone’s Spirit”



December 2, 2005: “Solomon at Senses at Play Gallery”, page  9

(Photos of Solomon and sculptures La Paloma and Le Femme)



Saturday, November 3, 2005: “Sculptor A.A. Solomon: Stones have spirits”, page 10  (photos of Beverly and A.A. Solomon and sculptures La Paloma and Le Femme)



Thursday, December 1, 2005: “Sculptor Solomon shows at Senses at Play” page 5



November 24-December 7, 2005:  Calendar page 9




Sunday, February 29, 2004:  “Naked Ambition: Lampasas artist sculpts the human form” by Jennifer Sims, page D1, 2 & 3 (8 photos of Beverly and A.A. Solomon, art, house and property)





Good Morning America on ABC-TV

Thursday, August 26, 2010: Pablo and Beverly Solomon featured in “It Must Be Love” segment from Elizabeth Bernstein’s Wall Street Journal article



KNCT-TV Killeen, Texas

Sunday, October 22, 2006: Interview by Central Texas College for PBS on ART-21



Texas Live TV Houston, <닌Ţ>Texas

“An Artist’s Model” A documentary film by Kenny Fenton





Start up Growth Expert Radio Show (India)

May 25, 2010: “Strategies Investors Recommend for Raising Capital”

Interview with Vinil Ramdev


The X Zone Radio Show (Canada)

April 6, 2010: “Art and Mysticism” Interview with Rob McConnell



We Talk Sex Radio Show (Los Angeles, California)

August 12, 2009: “Erotica in Art” Interview with Dr. Ava Cadell



The Jeff Ward Show (Austin, Texas)

September 26, 2006: “Should Children See Nude Art in Museums?”

Interview with Jeff Ward





Central Texas College Fine Arts Department & KNCT-TV

November 12, 2006: ART 21: An Evening of Exploration

Mayborn Planetarium & Space Theater, Killeen, Texas


Fourth Street Gallery

October 12, 2010: ART 21 presentation for PBS

Nancy Gray-- gallery owner, Lampasas, Texas





The Margarita Ball—<닌Ţ>Dallas, Texas

November 20, 2010: Dallas Margarita Society/Dallas Children’s Charities

Group Show



The Margarita Ball—<닌Ţ>Dallas, Texas

November 21, 2009: Dallas Margarita Society/Dallas Children’s Charities

Group Show



The Margarita Ball—<닌Ţ>Dallas, Texas

November 15, 2008: Dallas Margarita Society/Dallas Children’s Charities

Group Show


Wortham Center Cullen Theater—<닌Ţ>Houston, Texas

April 25, 2008: Benefit for the Houston Metropolitan Dance Company

Featured Artist



Houston Metropolitan Dance Company—<닌Ţ>Houston, Texas

November 17, 2007: “Quirky Works” Featured Artist


The Margarita Ball—<닌Ţ>Dallas, Texas

November 10, 2007: Dallas Margarita Society/Dallas Children’s Charities

Group Show



“Get Your Art On”—<닌Ţ>Dallas, Texas

December 2, 2006: Art After 5 Holiday Party-- Featured Artist



“Touching a Stone’s Spirit”—Key West, <닌Ţ>Florida

Senses at Play Gallery, John and Bernadette McCall, owners



“A Private Affair”—<닌Ţ>Dallas, Texas

DFW Children’s Charities Event, Group Show


To the hosts of innumerable blogs, websites, podcasts and social media sites through out the world who have allowed me to express my views. Thank you! Pablo Solomon

















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