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My life and my art are both the parents and the children of societal change--pablo solomon

Pablo Solomon
Born: Houston, Texas 1947
Education:  B.S., M. Ed. Sam Houston State Univ.
Since 1988, Solomon has lived on his historic 1856 ranch in the Texas Hill Country with his wife and creative inspiration, Beverly.  Before acting as pablo's business manager and muse, Beverly worked as a model and then in sales and marketing for Diane von Furstenberg, Revlon and Ralph Lauren. Pablo's art has led to such adventures as having a bit part in a Latin soap opera and being a founding teacher at the Houston Contemporary Dance theatre. Solomon has traveled and studied extensively. He speaks five languages and is a master of the Zen Arts.
Artist Statement
Stones have spirits. If you listen they tell you what wonders they have seen, what lessons they have learned. The stone has waited countless centuries to show the world the beauty hidden within. Like a surfer riding a wave, I never fight the stone. I allow the flow of the stone to guide me. I never remove any more material than the stone wants me to.
Form and function are Nature's greatest relationships. They transcend time and survive evolution. That beauty is the result of proportion is both visually obvious and mathematically calculable. Nowhere are form, function and proportion more beautifully exhibited than in the human form.
It is said that Beauty is Truth. Truth is usually simple when we understand it. To get to the Truth in life often requires removing layers of fear, igorance, hatred, etc. Working in stone is an analogy for finding Truth in life. We remove until we reveal.
Solomon's statement is featured in the Prologue of the book "Virtual Pose 3" (c) by Mario Henri Chakkour

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Arthur Alyice Edrich

Fantastic Article on Pablo by
         Alyice Edrich
  from her Studio 5 Series

I first met Pablo Solomon when he commented about my art jars-on another blog I had been interviewed on. His comment was so touching and inspirational that I just had to know more about him and his art. Turns out those kind, encouraging words were from a very talented and successful artist.

Pablo grew up in a poor neighborhood, in Houston, Texas. His mother was a sharecropper and his father, a railroad worker. Money was tight but his father believed that his son had talent and should have the opportunity to follow his dreams. So when the railroad commissioned a group of artists to paint murals, he convinced the man in charge to give all the left over paint to his son. And since the neighboring museums were free and air conditioned, he'd let his son spend hours within their walls, sketching and drawing anything from scenes of the Civil War to dinosaurs.

Pablo says art is his energy source and his wife is his muse. That, combined with the lessons he learned from his parents, and teachings from Aristotle have helped him live a pretty balanced life. And is probably the reason he gets the greatest lesson of all: "Know who you are and what you believe. Let your art be a light; both to yourself and to others."

"Aristotle said that happiness is a result of a balance of health, wealth, friendship, virtue, and knowledge" says Pablo. "I believe that beauty in life and in art is the result of that balance. Therefore, I use my art as a way of portraying the joy and beauty of a balanced life."

Well, I think you'll agree that Pablo's work truly does reflect the beauty of the human body and it does cause us to stop and contemplate the lives we live and how well we care for our own bodies. 

To the right are five photographs, taken by Pablo, of his studio and outdoor work area. Below are five explanations on why the images in those photos are an important part of his work.

Sketches with favorite pencils:
"I draw everyday. It is like a dancer stretching every day. It helps me stretch my creativity. Every time I sketch, I use these scented pencils. They are cinnamon scented. Okay, call me a sissy but I love the great scent while I am drawing. I love these pencils. A friend sends them to me from France-and I'm grateful."

Rock sculpting tools:
"I cannot complete my work without these tools. They are for my stone sculptures. I use the same tools people have used for thousands of years: a hammer, a pointing tool, a chisel and a smoothing chisel. I also need rock to sculpt. This beautiful pink stone is quarried a couple of miles down the road from me on a friend's ranch."

Shade tree studio:
"I love to work outdoors. Of course, living in Texas, that means in the shade most of the year. This little patio looks over a cliff toward our spring fed creek."

Bad weather studio:
"I use this old log shed-which was built in 1856-for working on stone sculptures when the weather is bad. Everyone loves it. It has such a great feel."

Sculptures from dance series:
"These are 3 of 50 sculptures I did for the Houston Contemporary Dance Theatre. Beverly who did ballet and still does yoga was the model. These sculptures are in my main studio which is part of our 1856 stone house. The house was built by famous Texas Ranger Moses Hughes near Lampasas, Texas. Our ranch is a state historic site and an official Texas Wildscape and was nominated for the highest award in Texas for environmental restoration and preservation."
The Dabbling Mum's Art Center
It has been reprinted here with the author's permission.
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Author--Sara Morgan



Pablo receives message from God -- 1970s

Beverly with Vogue---photo Timb Hamilton

Kim Kardashian & Pablo debate the meaning of Life ?

Favorite pencils used in daily sketches

Basic rock sculpting tools

Nice weather studio

1850s log tobacco drying barn used to work in during bad weather

Main studio/gallery at musee-solomon