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This web site is under construction at the moment, sorry.

You may download my GPG public keys (RSA , DSA/El Gamal), Azureus Java BT client "friend" key or Monotone (signing and transport) keys .

You may want to download a "mini-How-to guide" on GPG in English (.txt) and German (.pdf) and related help information .

I have a single patch for building Gnu Global (6.2.8) with DJGPP but there are some dependent packages, mainly Gnu ncurses and libtool/libltdl. I use a Bash shell script to configure the sources outside the source code tree for building which is also provided ( . The upstream source code may be found on the Gnu ftp server ( or on mirror sites.

Thank you for your interest and please come again.

Suggested links :

IEEE chapters : IEEE

GnuPG  : GNU Privacy Guard

Oklahoma ABLE Tech's website : OK ABLE Tech or call (800) 257-1705 (V/TDD)(within the US).

A pseudo-random number generator for DOS-mode programs : Noise.sys  (note: some programs can be configured
to use a random device at `/dev/urandom$'.  This is much better than relying on the system time or other simple
methods as a source of randomness).

In the same vein as `Noise.sys' another accessible "mixer repository" for an entropy pool is the Perl
package `' which is easy to install : Egd 0.9. Please visit the Sourceforge Egd home page. Of course, this
package requires that you already have Perl5 or AS ActivePerl® installed. It is dependent on the `SHA' Perl
external package (a version of which is helpfully included).

Enhance your BT file sharing privacy by purposely introducing "noise" traffic : the SwarmScreen project .
*Warning* about using SwarmScreen (or emulating it manually) : Please monitor and adjust your
SwarmScreen default download folder's disk usage carefully!
The Vuze client can be set to automatically manage your volume of connections to avoid overloading
the operating system.

Verify your MS DirectX® installation, `gzip deflate header announce' and certain other information
possibly being divulged to visited web sites through your web browser: .

Videolan   (15 March 2012) has issued security advisories for VLC Media Player
before version 2.0.1 : SA1201   SA1202 .
Please update to version 2.0.1 ASAP.

Perl users (including AS ActivePerl® users) may be interested in the newly released
PCRE 8.10 : PCRE home page. (This PCRE version should be used with Perl version 5.10, the corresponding
ActivePerl® 1007 or Perl 'devel' version 5.11.)

Please send any comments and suggestions by email to .

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