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Thanks for visiting my site! I have been raising quail in my backyard since 1998. Currently I have about 100 birds in four outdoor cages. People sometimes ask why I raise quail. My typical answer can be found here. Quail are not difficult to raise if you give them enough space and sanitation (with emphasis on sanitation). Mostly they're just fun to watch and listen to as they scurry about the cages. During the summer months the females will lay an egg a day or every other day. Here are some additional links links to other people who raise quail.

Varieties that I have:

thmbbob.JPG - 10852 BytesBobwhite Quail

thmbgamb.JPG - 9061 BytesGambel's Quail

thmbscal.JPG - 9882 BytesScaled Quail

thmbcot.JPG - 10883 BytesCoturnix Quail

I have also tried my hand at raising a few California quail and Chukar Partridges. The California Quail turned out to be very similar to raising Gambel's Quail. The chukars, by contrast, were a nightmare. They fought with the quail, they fought with each other during the summer months, and I never could get them to get along. They did produce some tasty eggs though.

If you want to learn more about raising quail or other game birds, here is a quick guide to getting started. Otherwise, just email me!

Last Update: 2/2002
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