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Some comments from around the web:

This online database (compiled by 80-plus contributors with seemingly endless time on their hands) is a mind-numbingly comprehensive catalog of the famously faux telephone numbers used in film and television. Though the bare-bones site - featuring digits immortalized in everything from Die Hard With a Vengeance to reruns of The Simpsons and Beverly Hills, 90210 - has little practical purpose and could stand a splash of color, there may be no better way to idle away a few minutes. Except, maybe, actually watching reruns of The Simpsons and 90210. B
- Entertainment Weekly (#636/637 - Jan 25. / Feb. 1, 2002)    

When there's something weird in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? Ghostbusters? Not unless you've got the 555-LIST directory of fictional phone numbers. This helpful online directory means that you don't have to screen a copy of "Ghostbusters," pen and paper in hand, waiting for the company's phone number to be broadcast. Someone else already did that for you (555-2368). ... Dialing the 555 numbers listed on the website will result only in mechanical recordings that confirm the numbers are made up.
- Denver Post    

Phone Numb — You could probably have a date with the best-looking, coolest person in the world but why do that when you can sit at home on Saturday night and play on the 555-List directory ... If you're not hip to what this is, then you must have a life. This extensive gathering of '555' numbers that have been used in movies, television and even radio, has all of the details you could possibly want for your trivia trove. ... The intriguing thing about the information on this site is that many of the numbers have come from contributors who have, for whatever reason, been able to discern and remember telephone numbers on the programs.
- Houston Chronicle    

I bet he tried calling all these numbers, too.
- The Useless Pages    

While not that graphically appealing, this site is a wealth of knowledge.
- UglyTown    

"Alex, I'll take Needs a New Hobby, for $500." Someone collected all the phone numbers from movies and TV shows and put them at the 555-xxxx site. One redeeming point, as The Ultimate Insult noted, they do have The Simpsons' phone number.
- Mighty Girl    

They actually have a page for fake phonenumbers??? *LOL* That's is just to weird.

-thread on    

Do you know how they always use fake 555-whatever phone numbers in movies? This guy did too, and in true obsessive form he's begun to catalog them.
- Portal of Evil    

You think I'm boring, don't you? Sure you do, because I am. I'm damn sure not as dull as the guy who has sat down to catalogue the phoney 555-xxxx numbers used in TV and movies. That would be downright nutty.
- NerdPerfect    

A delightfully useless use of the Internet's powerful ability to put you in touch with information: a big list of 555- numbers from TV and movies.
- Poor Clio    

some guy has apparently taken the time to gather all the 555 numbers mentioned on tv and the movies, catalogued them with their respective owners, and arranged them alpha-numerically. this guy has way too much time on his hands, although i do have a strange admiration toward someone who can put that much effort into something completely asinine. strange people. god bless the internet.
- designflea    

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time on their hands.
- thetwodot    

Are you a loser? Of course, we all like to think that we’re not, but when it comes down to it, how can you be completely sure? Lucky for you, we’ve devised a simple test. If you created a page on the Web where you collect all the phone numbers from TV and the movies that start with 555, then you are a loser. Of course, just because you didn’t create a page like that is no guarantee that you’re not a loser. To find out for sure, stay tuned to this column for further updates on your status. And if you need to reach Remington Steele, just dial 555-9450.
- Yahoo Internet Life    

Damn, he put the copyright on there, now I cant steal and exploit this list for a profit without paying him royalties! Dammit man.. on to plan B
- Warthog in a Quake3World forum.    

I wonder if the person compiling them is like Rain Man or something. I can't imagine compiling all those numbers.
- Nobs in an EZBoard forum.    

From the message boards for 97 WOXY:    
Author Topic:   555-

As Asia would say: "Too Much Time On My Hands".

Oh good lord almighty! You do have too much time on your

Bronze....where did they poke and pry, your brain? :-)

I believe it was Styx that had "Too Much Time On My Hands"..While Aisa got lost in the "Heat of The Moment".

Seriously though, I hope all is well. Just had to give you a hard time.



I meant that the person creating the site has way too much time on their hands. And you are correct, bake. It was Styx. Sorry for that temporary lapse of knowledge. If you wanna know where I got poked and prodded, e-mail me.

From the message boards for    

03-15-01 10:10:50 AM Timothy
Maybe this is "scary" ... but it keeps the guy off the streets. For now.
03-15-01 10:21:00 AM AlekHidell
And I thought I was a loser. I feel much better now.
03-15-01 11:04:54 AM Grav8e
think of all those 555 numbers we could be might have saved us the trouble of having a zillion area codes just within atlanta
03-15-01 12:12:45 PM Super_Crazy

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