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A compilation of 555 numbers from movies, television and radio.

The 555-LIST was last updated Tuesday Dec 11, 2007 at 1:32 AM Pacific Time

If you have any additions, please contact me and I will add your name to the contributors page.
Be sure to check that the number is not on the list because there are more than just the ones on this page.

Why do movies use 555 numbers? Wikipedia has some information that answers this question. Tech Republic also has some interesting information here.

Update September 1 2012 : I will be updating the 555-LIST. As part of this, I will be documenting my changes at 555-LIST Blog.

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Latest Additions: 12/11/07

Finally updated after 5 years. I have about 600 emails to go through so it will be a while before I get every number added to the list. Thanks for your patience.

NumberForInMedia typeContributor
555-0001TaxiHarvard ManmovieMichael Thyen
555-0087Sara MooreServing SaramovieMichael Thyen
555-0100TaxiResurrection (1999)movieMichael Thyen
555-0101Buffy (work)Buffy the Vampire SlayertvKat Lundigan
555-0102Jenna (sitter)JourneymantvMichael Thyen
555-0103Jack RoseOut of TimemovieMichael Thyen
555-0109Gus HolzerOut of TimemovieMichael Thyen
555-0110GrandmaJourneymantvMichael Thyen
555-0111California Taxi Co.Crossroadsmovieanon
555-0111Keys Found SignJust Like HeavenmovieMichael Thyen
555-0112Fantasy Travel AgencyClockstoppersmovieMichael Thyen
555-0113Pat SeltsOut of TimemovieMichael Thyen
555-0113Sam TedescoOut of TimemovieMichael Thyen
555-0117Dr. PullenJourneymantvMichael Thyen
555-0118AlanDeja VumovieEric Dunlap
555-0118Mathias WhitlockOut of TimemovieMichael Thyen
555-0119Alison DuboisMediumtvRamon Russell
555-0121Oliver OkenHannah MontanatvJagger Estep
555-0121Lewis BrownOut of TimemovieMichael Thyen
555-0122MaryNews RadiotvA C
555-0122Dave GoodmanSlackersmovieMichael Thyen
555-0123GodBruce Almighty (DVD version)movieMany, many people
555-0125Jason BarfieldOut of TimemovieMichael Thyen
555-0127TaxiCursedtvMichael Thyen
555-0130GramsDawson's CreektvMichael Thyen
555-0132O.L. DukeOut of TimemovieMichael Thyen
555-0137Paul EdwardsOut of TimemovieMichael Thyen
555-0141Debby FreemanOut of TimemovieMichael Thyen
555-0143QuagmireFamily GuytvGeoffrey Ramler
555-0143Robert CabanOut of TimemovieMichael Thyen
555-0144Aeden Bennet (mobile)JourneymantvMichael Thyen
555-0146After SchoolJourneymantvMichael Thyen
555-0148Erica BeckOut of TimemovieMichael Thyen
555-0149St. Victor Notary PublicOut of TimemovieMichael Thyen
555-0149Bo's Tire BarnThe RookiemovieMichael Thyen
555-0151HughJourneymantvMichael Thyen
555-0154Dawson's HouseDawson's CreektvMichael Thyen
555-0154Frank (cell)Transporter 2movieMichael Thyen
555-0155TaxiA Guy ThingmovieMichael Thyen
555-0155Dickie RobertsDickie RobertsmovieMichael Thyen
555-0156Katie Vasser (cell)JourneymantvMichael Thyen
555-0157Tony SopranoThe SopranostvMichael Hellesen, Rick Norton
555-0167How am I driving?SlackersmovieMichael Thyen
555-0168Xander (work)Buffy the Vampire SlayertvKat Lundigan
555-0168Bunyan Key Police (fax)Out of TimemovieMichael Thyen
555-0169Steve's Drain ItA Guy ThingmovieMichael Thyen
555-0169Dave KnightOut of TimemovieMichael Thyen
555-0169JaniceThe SopranostvDavid Dawson
555-0170Bunan Key PoliceOut of TimemovieMichael Thyen
555-0170Phil SchneiderOut of TimemovieMichael Thyen
555-0171RobardsAmerican Pie Band Campmovieanon
555-0172ConservatoryAmerican Pie Band Campmovieanon
555-0172American AirlinesOut of TimemovieMichael Thyen
555-0173BryceBest Laid PlansmovieMichael Thyen
555-0174Sublet SignJust Like HeavenmovieMichael Thyen
555-0174Kay's GrillNext FridaymovieMichael Thyen
555-0177Dan Vasser (cell)JourneymantvMichael Thyen
555-0178Holly RichieOut of TimemovieMichael Thyen
555-0182Deed's PizzaMr DeedsmovieMichael Thyen
555-0186Ralph GonzalezOut of TimemovieMichael Thyen
555-0187Aeden Bennet (office)JourneymantvMichael Thyen
555-0187Bunyan Key Real EstateOut of TimemovieMichael Thyen
555-0190Jack VasserJourneymantvMichael Thyen
555-0191Main Flo PlumbingJourneymantvMichael Thyen
555-0193Dawn (cell)Buffy the Vampire SlayertvKat Lundigan
555-0199TaxiAlex and EmmamovieMichael Thyen
555-0199TaxiBest Laid PlansmovieMichael Thyen
555-0199Mathias Whitlock (cell)Out of TimemovieMichael Thyen
555-0199JessicaPsychtvJoe Shamah
555-0199Psychic NetworkReality BitesmovieMichael Thyen
555-0199Cable CompanyThe Italian Job (2003)movieMichael Thyen
555-1000Det. Lisa KramerAlong Came PollymovieMichael Thyen
555-1234Number to ID SantaSanta Claus?movieNath
555-1313Mossey MotorsRaising HelenmovieMichael Thyen
555-1326KatThe Wedding DatemovieMichael Thyen
555-1352Sara Pollard88 MinutesmoviePer Kopp
555-1378Juianna LivingstonNew Best FriendmovieMichael Thyen
555-1525DoctorHarvard ManmovieMichael Thyen
555-2282JadeBulletproof MonkmovieMichael Thyen
555-2368Real EstateAlong Came PollymovieMichael Thyen
555-4144???The SilencersmovieMichael Thyen
555-4171MaudeMaudetvDave Andrew
555-5615Watkins Brothers TowingThe A-TeamtvAlex Morris
555-6460Bodek ConstructionLoverboymovieMichael Thyen
555-6562Dan Vasser (cell)JourneymantvMichael Thyen
555-6969TrudyThe A-TeamtvAlex Morris
555-6999American CabDOAmovieMichael Thyen
555-7247Lisa MartinColumbotvPedro Althaus
555-7643LisaTeam America: World PolicemovieMichael Thyen
555-8411Senor PizzaLoverboymovieMichael Thyen
555-8592TobyJersey Girl (1992)movieMichael Thyen
555-8651Stockton UprightSlackersmovieMichael Thyen
555-8947PayphoneStrange DaysmovieMichael Thyen
555-9393DetectiveStrange DaysmovieMichael Thyen
555-9963MaudeMaudetvDave Andrew
555-MIKEMike's TowingTransformersmovieMichael Thyen
555-TAXITaxiOld SchoolmovieMichael Thyen
555-X-TERM-N-8Animal ControlThe SimpsonstvMichael Thyen
555-XXXDr. Sheldon HawkesCSI: NYtvStuart Mock

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