What is Locker Hooking?

Locker Hooking is  similiar to many crafts like crocheting, latch hook, needlepoint, and rug punch, but it's really unlike anything else.  Like Latch Hook it uses a canvas backing.  Similair to Rug Punch, strips of wool, fabric, or yarn are pulled through a backing to the front.  Like Crocheting it uses a hook that one one end looks like a crochet hook.  And like in needlepoint the texture in locker hooking is determined by the length of the loops and the direction of the stiches.    However, locker hooking is its own unique craft.  It is a fast, easy, and inexpensive way to create rugs, clothing, pillows, chair pads, saddle bags, wall hangings.. and the list goes it.  What you can make is limited only by your imagination!

It uses a tool called a locker hook.  On one end only it resembles a crochet hook.  The other end has a large eyelet for threading yarn.  Using the locker hook you pull loops of unspun wool through a strong canvas and then locked into place with the hidden "locker" yarn.  Thus, you create the feel and appearance of textured weaving.

Locker hooking projects are thick and durable.  They wash easily and can be worn, walked on, and used for years without showing signs of wear!

Once this simple technique is learned, locker hooking becomes a ideal outlet for creativity.  You can change the texture of your project simply by raising the height of the loops or changing direction within a piece.  Color can be used to highlight the drama of any design.   It can also be combined with other crafts, such as weaving, knitting, embroidery, etc. to create a completely different effect.

For those that raise sheep or spin -- This is an excellent way to use up extra roving!

Inexpensive, easily learned, versatile, and a door into lavish creativity.  The finished project is rich and unique, with texture and long lasting durability!   What more could you ask in a craft?


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