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BMOT Publishing is an author focused publishing company. We publish and sell works that stimulate thought and create new insite.

       BMOT publishing was founded by an author for authors. Maurice Skillern started by writing a book (Messages) in 1990 but found that it did not really fit into any of the established genre's. It was a different type of work which was both poetic and philosophical in nature, so after a lot of thought he decided to start his company to facilitate publications that are unique. Publications by authors who believe their work has merit and wish to present them to the world. The first book to be offered "Messages" (now available) is a book crafted entirely by the founder of BMOT Publishing because knowing a business from the ground up is the only way he deemed appropriate to operate. Feel free to purchase a copy to see the interesting way BMOT Publishing brought this book to life.

A Book of Peotic-Philosophy.


"Messages" is now available.
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