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Development Tools

The following tools are being utilized to develop the Virtual Alpha:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 with MSDN Professional
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2008
  • Intel C++ Compiler 11.1 Professional Edition for Windows

Operating Environments

We develop, test, and support the Virtual Alpha on the following operating systems:

  • Microsoft Server 2012
  • Microsoft Server 2008
  • Microsoft Server 2003
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP

On this page...

Migration Specialties Virtual Logo

"Our virtual Alphas allow you to eliminate your Alpha hardware while retaining your Alpha software unchanged. How cool is that!"

Development: VAX & Alpha Virtualization Solutions

Migration Specialties has built a Hardware Virtualization Layer (HVL) designed to facilitate the development and deployment of legacy hardware emulators. Similar to solutions like VMware®, but targeted at older systems, the HVL can support multiple instances of Legacy Virtual Machines (LVM). Our first LVM releases under the HVL framework are a pair of virtual AlphaServer 400s, FreeAXP™ and Avanti™. More virtual Alpha and VAX solutions will follow. These solutions run under the Microsoft Windows operating system and are fully compatible with virtualzation products such as VMware.

The HVL contains sophisticated technology that simplifies legacy system virtualization, enabling replacemnt of legacy hardware in as little as a few hours. The HVL allows data centers to consolidate old OpenVMS and Tru64 UNIX systems into virtual space on modern hardware without changing the legacy O/S or software applications. It provides immediate benefits in improved reliability, better support options, reduced support costs, reduced power consumption, and recovery of floor space. All of these benefits are available without the need to retrain end users or modify operating procedures.

FreeAXP was released to the public on March 18, 2010. Avanti's public released occured on June 11, 2010.

Migration Specialties virtual OpenVMS and Tru64 UNIX solutions have the support of an international group of organizations, including HP, Intel, Microsoft, XDelta Limited, Strobe Data, BRUDEN-OSSG, Control-X Limited, Caponier Limited, Maindec, PSDS, and RTM-IT.


These are some benchmarks we use to measure performance on FreeAXP, Avanti, SimH VAX, and real hardware. Running these benchmarks unaltered provides a good basis of comparison between systems.

    VMS zip file containing MACRO64$PI source file, PI.EXE executable compiled on VMS 7.3-2, and PI_TEST.COM procedure. The test calculates PI to 40,000 digits and reports the time required in seconds.
    • Note: The file was created using IZIP under VMS. The command used was:
    • Unzipping the contents of this zip file on a non-VMS system may not produce readable source code. Use the links above to acquire the code on a non-VMS system.
    A VMS DCL procedure that provides an estimate of CPU performance measured in VUPs.
    • Note: This procedure is suitable for single CPU VAX and Alpha systems. It does not accurately measure the performance of multi-processor systems.
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