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S/3X Migration Assistance Service

Migration Specialties S/3X Migration Assistance Service helps plan and implement the conversion of IBM System/3, System/34, and System/36 source programs, data files, and command procedures from the IBM environment to the HP OpenVMS environment. Migration Specialties can supply the expertise and resources necessary to perform the tasks described in the following sections. The quality of these services is backed by the cumulative expertise and experience of Migration Specialties.


The S/3X Migration Assistance Service includes the following:

The S/3X Conversion Tools Kit

Contains the tools and documentation necessary to perform file conversion, data conversion, OCL procedure conversion, menu conversion, and DFU conversion. Please reference the S/3X Conversion Tools Software Product Description for a complete description of this software kit and its components.

S/3X Migration Assistance Manual

Provides a "How To" guide to assist in organizing, planning, scheduling, estimating resources, managing, monitoring, and performing the migration. Includes an explanation of the differences between the System/3, /34, /36, and OpenVMS operating environments.

On-site Assessment

One (1) week of on-site migration planning assistance including the following services:

  1. Verifying all documentation and media are present and the hardware configuration is sufficient to ensure conformance to the minimum hardware requirements.
  2. Installing the S/3X Conversion Tools.
  3. Optionally installing the Migration RPG Compiler, if purchased in combination with the S/3X Migration Assistance Service.
  4. Presenting an orientation in the use of the S/3X Conversion Tools and the documentation. Optionally, orienting the customer in the use of the Migration RPG Compiler, if purchased in combination with the S/3X Migration Assistance Service.
  5. Providing a demonstration of converting source programs, data files, and command procedures.
  6. Providing technical tips on performing the migration.

Consulting Services

MSI software specialists are available on a per-call or resident basis to help in all phases of software development, migration, or implementation. Specialists are available to serve as technical consultants, decision support consultants or business system analysts. Resources are available to:

  • Provide software migration services
  • Provide OpenVMS support and management services
  • Supplement the programming staff
  • Assume project management responsibility
  • Develop software
  • Augment system start-up service packages with tailored services to meet specific needs

Customer Responsibilities

In order for MSI to provide the S/3X Migration Assistance Service, the Customer must:

  • Have at least one Customer Representative present during the on-site delivery of the Migration Assistance.
  • Have created a backup copy of the current OpenVMS operating system prior to installation of S/3X Conversion Tools.
  • Complete the prerequisite training of OpenVMS Utilities and Commands for all technical personnel involved in the conversion and OpenVMS System Management for the System Manager. Orientation provided as part of the S/3X Migration Assistance Service will be strictly limited to the S/3X Conversion Tools and, if purchased, the Migration RPG Compiler. OpenVMS support and management consulting services are also available from MSI.


The S/3X Migration Assistance Service package includes the following documentation:

  • S/3X Migration Assistance Manual
  • Additional documentation is included as part of the S/3X Conversion Tools. See the S/3X Conversion Tools product description for more information.
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