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In addition to consulting services, Migration Specialties develops and sells software applications. Many of our products facilitate the migration of software and data. Others are designed to assist in OpenVMS management and support. Our flagship product, Migration RPG, is a full-blown RPG II compiler for OpenVMS. This page provides a brief description of each of our products and a link to additional information.

Migration RPG

An RPG II compiler for OpenVMS based on IBM RPG II specifications. Includes support for structured opcodes and external program calls. Designed to facilitate porting legacy RPG applications from DEC, IBM, Wang, Sperry, Burroughs, and other platforms to OpenVMS. Available on VAX, Alpha, and Integrity platforms. Learn more on the Migration RPG page.

System/3X Conversion Tools

OpenVMS-based tools and utilities developed to migrate IBM System/3, System/34, and System/36 users to OpenVMS. The suite can be used to migrate RPG II and COBOL applications running in compatibility mode on IBM AS/400, iSeries, and System i to HP OpenVMS Alpha and Integrity servers. Learn more on the System/3X Conversion Tools page.


CVTFILE converts EBCDIC data to ASCII and vice versa. CBL understands packed-decimal and simple binary data via a user created parameter file. Learn more on the CVTFILE page.

CBL: DIBOL to C Translator

A sophisticated conversion tool that converts VAX and ANSI DIBOL to ANSI C. It also has a limited capacity to convert DBL, Synergex, and Softbol. CBL is currently supported running under OpenVMS. It is capable of running under Windows and Unix. Learn more on the CBL page.

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