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Privacy Policy

Privacy is important to us. Information provided to Migration Specialties is treated as confidential and is only shared with our affiliates in-so-far as is necessary to provide the services requested.

We do not provide contact information such as e-mail addresses, phone numbers, or surface addresses to marketing organizations or spammers. We actively work to suppress junk mail, Internet spam, ad-ware and spyware.

Mailing Lists

Migration Specialties does not do blind mailings. If you receive written correspondence from us, it's because someone here physically perused a list of contacts and decided the information at hand would be of interest to you.


From time to time we receive requests for references from prospective clients. We may request that a client act as a reference if we have provided them with a similar service. We will only provide client contact information to a prospect with the client's permission.


We occasionally publish articles concerning our business, products, and services. Client organizations may be identified in general terms in these articles. We never provide specific client information or contacts without first obtaining permission.

Client Page

We maintain a page listing past clients and describe in general terms the Migration Specialties products and services to which they subscribed. We will remove postings at a clients request.


Trust is extremely important in a business relationship. Migration Specialties has established a stellar reputation with clients and vendors across the industry. We intend to see that our reputation only gets better by continuing to deliver solid, honest products and services on time and within budget.

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