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OpenVMS Integrity History


  • HP & Intel begin development of the Itanium (IA-64) processor.


  • Compaq announces OpenVMS will be ported to Itanium.


  • HP & Compaq merge.


  • Jan: OpenVMS boots for the first time on Itanium.
  • Mar: OpenVMS boots on an Integrity rx2600.
  • May: Integrity system booted into an OpenVMS cluster.
  • Jun: OpenVMS V8.0
  • Dec: OpenVMS V8.1


  • OpenVMS demonstrated on Superdome.


  • OpenVMS V8.2. First release available to the general public.


  • OpenVMS V8.3. First release available to the general public.


  • The U.S. OpenVMS Engineering Group is shut down. Primary support for all aspects of OpenVMS is moved to India.

For an excellent article describing the port of OpenVMS to Itanium, visit this link.

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"The future of OpenVMS resides on the Integrity platform and our VAX & Alpha emulation solutions."

VAX to Integrity Porting Services

Migration Specialties is ready to port your OpenVMS VAX applications to the HP Integrity platform. We have the necessary hardware and software on hand and the expertise required. Our experience will have your VAX OpenVMS applications ported and running on the Integrity platform quickly and efficiently.

Integrity Advantages

  • It's the OpenVMS platform of choice into the foreseeable future.
  • Supports OpenVMS with all of its robust, scalable, reliable, secure features.
  • Supports virtual partitions (Integrity VMs).
  • Lower cost of ownership.
  • Better performance.

Application Availability

Many VAX applications are already available on the Integrity platform and new ones continue to be added. For an up-to-date list of available solutions on Integrity OpenVMS, start with these links:

Integrity Hardware

For information on available Integrity hardware and support, start here:


If your VAX OpenVMS and layered products are up-to-date, an Integrity port will be reasonably straightforward. However, even with an easy port, the following items must be planned for:

  • VAX installation assessment
  • Porting issue identification & resolution
  • Hardware configuration planning
  • Porting plan
  • Application transfer & reconstruction
  • Data transfer & verification
  • Acceptance testing


Even a straightforward port requires good planning, careful testing, and enough resources to get the job done. A more complex port simply increases these requirements. Engaging Migration Specialties ensures a comprehensive porting plan, experienced porting services, and thorough acceptance testing. Porting OpenVMS applications is our specialty. We provide the added resources and special knowledge needed to make the port successful while minimizing its impact on your business operations.

Upgrade Issues

If your VAX is running an older version of OpenVMS and its layered products, then upgrades to current versions will be required as part of the porting process. This adds complexity and time to the port. Careful planning is required to ensure application upgrade success. Migration Specialties has the expertise required to identify upgrade issues and provide solutions.

Unsupported Application or Lack of Source Code

Porting from a VAX to an Integrity system skips the entire Alpha generation of OpenVMS hardware. Chances are you will have an application or two that are no longer supported under Integrity OpenVMS. If this is the case, porting options still exist. Here are a few alternatives:

  • See if the application is available on the Alpha platform.
  • Migrate the native VAX images to the Integrity platform.
  • Consider VAX emulation.

If you have a critical application without source code, some of the above options also apply. It is possible to migrate VAX application image files to the Integrity platform without source code. Migration Specialties will help you determine which solution works best for your situation.

Integrity is the Future for OpenVMS

The Integrity platform represents the future for OpenVMS, and it's a bright future indeed. Integrity hardware offers scalability and flexibility ideally suited to OpenVMS. Integrity hardware is less expensive than its Alpha counterparts and easier to maintain than your faithful, but old VAX systems. If it's at all feasible to port your OpenVMS VAX applications to Integrity, Migration Specialties strongly recommends that you do so. Our porting services will help ensure the success of your port.

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