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Alpha to Integrity Porting Services

Migration Specialties can port your OpenVMS Alpha applications to the HP Integrity platform. Our extensive porting experience will move your Alpha OpenVMS applications to the Integrity platform quickly and efficiently. We have Alpha and Integrity hardware in-house to provide remote porting services.  We can also travel to your site to provide on-site porting services.

Integrity Features

  • OpenVMS
    • Proven reliability
    • Stability
    • Clusters
    • Fault tolerance
    • Cutting edge services
  • 64-bit processing power (Itanium IA-64)
  • Scalability
  • Virtual partitions (Integrity VMs)
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Improved ROI

Application Availability

Many Alpha applications are currently available on the Integrity platform. New applications continue to be added. For an up-to-date list of available Integrity OpenVMS solutions, start with these links:

Porting Issues

If your Alpha OpenVMS and layered products are up-to-date, an Integrity port will be reasonably straightforward. However, even an easy port requires adequate planning. Here are a few basic items to consider:

  • Installed Alpha hardware assessment
  • Porting issue identification & resolution
  • Integrity hardware configuration planning
  • Port planning
  • Application transfer & reconstruction
  • Data transfer & verification
  • Acceptance testing

Upgrade Issues

If your Alpha is running an older version of OpenVMS and its layered products, then upgrades to current versions may be required before porting to the Integrity platform. This adds potential complexity to the port. Additional planning, access to upgrade kits, time, and resources are required to ensure success. Migration Specialties can supply these resources and the required expertise to identify upgrade issues and supply solutions.

Integrity Hardware

Integrity hardware and support information starts here:

Unsupported Application or
Lack of Source Code

Application compatibility between up-to-date OpenVMS Alpha and Integrity systems is very good. However, major hardware transitions always leave a few applications behind. You may also be faced with the unfortunate circumstance of running an application for which you do not have the source code. Should you face either problem, you still have options. Here are some alternatives:

  • Upgrade to a newer Alpha system.
  • Migrate the native Alpha images to the Integrity platform.

Migration Specialties will help you determine and implement the best solution for your situation.


Like any other project, a basic ingredient of a successful port is good planning. All ports require proper preparation, careful testing, and adequate resources. A complex port increases these requirements. Migration Specialties can provide:

OpenVMS and system ports are our specialty. Take advantage of our skills, specialized knowledge, and resources to deliver a successful port without adversely impacting your business operations.

Integrity, the Future of OpenVMS

The Integrity platform represents the future for OpenVMS. Integrity hardware power, scalability, and flexibility complement these same inherent features in OpenVMS. Integrity hardware offers support and maintenance cost advantages over its VAX and Alpha predecessors. Let Migration Specialties port you to Integrity OpenVMS and a future full of power and potential.

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