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OpenVMS Utilities

Over the years, Migration Specialties has developed many DCL procedures to handle repetive tasks or codify complex processes. It's our practice to standardized such procedures into useful utilities. This page offers examples of DCL-based utilities designed to assist with system management, system security, account monitoring, operations, and user support tasks.


We are often asked why these utilities are written in DCL. Better performance would be realized if they were developed in a compilable language like C or BASIC. We chose to develop these procedures in DCL for the following reasons:

  • DCL is available on all OpenVMS systems.
  • DCL is easily understood.
  • DCL is easily modified and tested.
  • Performance is rarely an issue in the utilities we develop using DCL.


At Migration Specialties we are strong proponents of standardization in all forms of program development. Our development tenents are simple and can be stated as follows:

  • Standard process initialization
  • Standard process termination
  • Modular programming using single entry and exit points
  • Standard error trapping
  • Thorough documentation

This page is not finished. Check back for additions.

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