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"Keeping OpenVMS up-to-date helps ensure system security and reliability."

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OpenVMS Update Service

Migration Specialties maintains an extensive library of OpenVMS VAX, Alpha, and Integrity installation and update kits. Our partnership with HP provides us with full access to all available ECO and patch kits along with current versions of OpenVMS and HP supplied layered products. As a result, Migration Specialties is well positioned to provide OpenVMS and layered product update services.

Update Types

Like most computer operating systems, OpenVMS is periodically updated by HP. The updates take the following forms:

  • Major Version Update: Major O/S enhancements signified by the change of the major version number. The update from OpenVMS version 7.3 to OpenVMS version 8.2 is an example of a major update.
  • Minor Version Update: Minor bug fixes and O/S enhancements signified by a change in the minor version number. The update from OpenVMS version 8.2 to OpenVMS version 8.3 is an example of a minor update.
  • Engineering Change Orders: Remedial updates issued by OpenVMS engineering to address specific problems or issues. These updates are often referred to as ECO kits or patch kits. As a rule, ECO kits are only applied if the end user is experiencing the problem addressed by the kit. Most ECO's are rolled into the next OpenVMS update.
  • Firmware Update: Changes, enhancements, and bug fixes for console and I/O devices on OpenVMS systems.

Update Kits

Major and minor O/S updates are delivered on DVD or CD media to customers with current support contracts and to HP registered partner organizations like Migration Specialties. ECO kits and firmware updates are delivered on CD and can generally be downloaded from the Internet via HP's ITRC web site. Registration is required before patch kits can be accessed from the ITRC site. Older patch kits are also available from HP's Sydney Customer Support Centre.

OpenVMS Layer Products

HP's OpenVMS layered product updates are structured just like their OpenVMS O/S updates. Customers with current software support contracts' receive periodic layered product updates via DVD or CD. Partner organizations like Migration Specialties also receive these updates.

Migration Specialties OpenVMS Library

Migration Specialties maintains an extensive library of OpenVMS and Layered Product software installation kits on CD and DVD. Our VAX distributions start with May, 1991. Our Alpha distributions start with May, 1994. Our Integrity distributions start with January, 2005.

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