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OpenVMS Support Essentials

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  • Disaster Planning & Testing
  • Capacity Planning
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"OpenVMS systems tremendous reliability belie the fact that they do need support. Migration Specialties targeted support services will keep your OpenVMS system in tiptop shape."

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OpenVMS Support Services

Migration Specialties has a tremendous amount of experience working with HP's OpenVMS operating system. It's our operating system of choice and we have made a profession of migrating software from other operating systems to OpenVMS. In a business world that operates as lean as possible, our targeted services are just the edge your IS department needs to continue providing cost effective, top notch support.

Migration Specialties offers a broad spectrum of OpenVMS support services. Read on to learn more.

System Management

Whether your environment is static or dynamic, from time to time you are going to need some help managing your OpenVMS systems. Be it adding hardware, auditing the security environment, or applying upgrades and patches, Migration Specialties can provide resources to get the task done. See our OpenVMS Support page for more information.


System and application backups are essential to protecting your business. Effective backups permit efficient recovery from errors or catastrophic events. Migration Specialties has years of experience planning and implementing backup strategies and procedures.

Capacity Planning

Simply put, most systems accumulate data over time, necessitating additional storage and eventually requiring faster hardware to maintain acceptable performance levels. Stay ahead of the capacity curve by having Migration Specialties help plan the growth of your OpenVMS systems.

Disaster Recovery

Preparation and practice are key to successfully weathering a catastrophic event. Migration Specialties will help you develop and test the best disaster recovery strategy possible for your OpenVMS systems within the constraints imposed by your business needs, budget, and liability requirements.

Performance Tuning

Keeping your OpenVMS system performing well saves you time and money. Migration Specialties has the resources to analyze and address OpenVMS performance issues.

File Management

Effective file management has many impacts under OpenVMS, such as application performance, system resources, backup performance, and capacity requirements. Migration Specialties can help you analyze, tune, and maintain your files efficiently and effectively.

Operations Management

Smooth operations are a sign of a well planned, well maintained OpenVMS environment. Migration Specialties depth and breadth of experience with OpenVMS can be put to good use helping simplify and structure batch processes and other routine tasks.

User Management

Satisfying user demand is the crucial requirement in any business operation. This must be done without sacrificing business interests like security and data integrity. Migration Specialties will help you use OpenVMS to full advantage to achieve these goals.


Overlooked and undervalued, good documentation is a key element in any system support strategy. Migration Specialties provides a unique pool of talent that bridges the divide between technical and business aspects of IT services. We provide documentation services ranging from detailed technical specifications to full blown end-user manuals.

Application Management

Like the OpenVMS O/S, OpenVMS applications need to be managed, patched, and upgraded. Migration Specialties can provide experienced resources to assist with application maintenance, upgrades, and testing. We also provide services for custom applications. See our Services page for more information.

Great Services to Support OpenVMS

Migration Specialties will help you realize the full potential of OpenVMS. Our support services enable you to use OpenVMS to better serve your users, protect your data, and improve your business infrastructure. Contact us to further discuss your goals for OpenVMS.

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