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OpenVMS Management Services

OpenVMS systems often run in the background, providing essential services with minimal fuss or drama. Unlike most contemporary operating systems, OpenVMS systems rarely hang or crash. Update requirements are minimal compared to Windows and UNIX-bases O/S's. OpenVMS systems are steady performers that lull users into a sense of complacency.

The result of OpenVMS' quiet competence is often neglect of necessary maintenance. While not as demanding as its competitors, OpenVMS is a sophisticated O/S that benefits from periodic review and updates. Migration Specialties offers the skills and services needed to bring your OpenVMS systems back to tip-top operating efficiency and keep them there.

Read on to learn about the services Migration Specialties provides to keep your OpenVMS top shape.

System Security

In an age of hackers, viruses, worms, and other nefarious electronic activities, good system security is essential. OpenVMS comes with some of the best security features available in the industry built right into the operating system. However, none of those features have much value if they are not properly implemented. Migration Specialties will tailor user rights, network access, and file security to fit your needs while maximizing the protection OpenVMS affords your applications and data.

User Accounts

Proper user account configuration is key to OpenVMS security, performance, and usability. Migration Specialties will see to it your OpenVMS systems achieve all of those goals through careful analysis of your user needs and system capabilities. We have many years of experience in configuring and maintaining users accounts under OpenVMS. We deploy user resource allocations, rights lists, and access parameters to maximum advantage.

System Resources

Like any other computer system, OpenVMS resources such as disk space, memory, and page files need to be monitored. Both overuse and underuse of system resources waste time and money. Migration Specialties will help you maximize usage of existing system resources. We will help you project growth and conduct the capacity planning necessary to meet its demands. We will monitor system resource usage and adjust resource utilization to maximize system performance, improving your ROI.


So important, but so often overlooked, system backups are essential to guarantying rapid recovery in the event of catastrophe. The very reliability of OpenVMS systems can lead to neglecting adequate system backups. OpenVMS provides powerful tools to preserve system configurations locally or across network links. Migration Specialties knows how to take full advantage of those tools. Don't let OpenVMS' reliability lull you into a false sense of security. Have Migration Specialties build you an adequate set of system backup procedures and policies.


OpenVMS offers multiple network options, the most popular being TCP/IP and DECnet. Proper network configuration provides rapid application access while preserving system security and integrity. Migration Specialties can help plan and configure your OpenVMS networks for optimum performance and security.


Clustering is one of OpenVMS' most potent features. No other O/S offers a feature that provides such scalability and disaster tolerance in a single package. Clustering is the reason large institutions prefer OpenVMS to run critical applications. Migration Specialties has access to the knowledge and resources necessary to build and deploy clustered OpenVMS systems.

Good Management Improves the Bottom Line

Proper management of an OpenVMS system increases application performance, user satisfaction, and resource utilization. All of these factors have a positive impact on your bottom line. Migration Specialties will help you maximize the benefits offered by OpenVMS systems.

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