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Audit Components

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"Outside audits by independent professionals ensure you are receiving maximum value for your OpenVMS investment."

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OpenVMS Audit Service

Migration Specialties OpenVMS Audit Service provides an independent review of your OpenVMS installation. During the audit, an OpenVMS specialist examines your installation and interviews your IS staff. We bring a professional outsider's perspective to your IT infrastructure, reviewing performance, security, recovery, and compliance issues. The audit is conducted at your site and normally takes one week. The audit results are compiled into a detailed report covering your installation's strengths and weaknesses and includes Migration Specialties recommendations concerning your installation.

The audit covers the following areas:

  • System Management

    Review hardware configuration, maintenance, and reliability; software applications and maintenance; hardware and software management practices; update schedules; human resources.

  • Account Management

    Review user account management, user authorization file configuration, special process accounts, user privilege and resource allocations.

  • System Security

    Review internal access, external access, system file security, application file security, use of system and group security policies, use of access control lists, assess vulnerabilities.

  • System Performance

    Review system performance during time onsite; assess perceived performance based on interviews.

  • Resource Utilization

    Review resource utilization such as disk space, memory, and cpu usage based on user and application demands.

  • System Operations

    Review operating policies and practices.

  • Backups

    Review backup policies, processes, media, retention, and storage.

  • Disaster Recovery Planning

    Review disaster recovery preparation, planning, policies, and testing.

  • Capacity Planning

    Review current hardware and software capacity, planned growth, anticipated application life cycle, and legacy hardware and software planning.

All of the audit components serve to assess overall impact on system performance, reliability, security, and utilization. A Migration Specialties OpenVMS Audit helps ensure you are getting the best return on your OpenVMS investment while adequately protecting company assets and user data.

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