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Hewlett Packard (HP)

Migration Specialties is an HP AllianceONE Partner. The program is a natural fit, given our line of virtual VAX and Alpha solutions and OpenVMS-based products and services. Our relationship with the provider of OpenVMS hardware and software began with our membership in Digital Equipment Corporation's Association of Software & Application Partners (ASAP) program. Our ASAP membership migrated to the Compaq Solutions Alliance when Compaq Corporation acquired Digital in 1998. Compaq's merger with HP in 2002 led to our membership's migration to HP's DSPP program. The DSPP program has evolved into AllianceONE.

The HP AllianceOne program provides Migration Specialties with access to HP hardware, technical resources, and software kits. We participate in HP marketing programs, promote HP hardware, software, and support, and provide HP with technical feedback on their products. Our virtual VAX and Alpha solutions, OpenVMS products, consulting services, and porting experience are available to HP offices and clients worldwide and are listed in the HP Partner Products & Services Catalog.

HP's Partner Products & Services Catalog Entries

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