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"Hardware emulation saves time and money. Application ports using hardware emulation can be completed in days. Contrast that with application migration, which at best is often a matter of months, or application replacement, which can take years."

Emulator Services

Replacing legacy hardware with a modern virtual system isn't quite plug-and-play, but it's close. Like any other IT project, you will face the following issues:

  • Justifying the replacement
  • Assessing the replacement costs
  • Planning the port
  • Delivering the port
  • Testing the results
  • Placing the new system into production

Migration Specialties offers a comprehensive suite of services to ensure a successful hardware virtualization project. Our experience and expertise are available to make sure installation of hardware emulators goes smoothly from start to finish. We have been doing software ports, migrations, and conversions along with hardware upgrades since 1992. We are experts in the justification, planning, implementation, and delivery of these projects. We develop our own hardware virtualization products and maintain close relationships with other hardware virtualization providers, making us a one stop shop for specialized hardware replacement products and solutions.

Onsite System Assessment

Properly assessing a system to determine if emulation is a viable replacement strategy requires intimate knowledge of the legacy hardware and the applications it supports. If you have this knowledge on staff, then our Onsite Assessment Service probably isn't needed. However, if you're in the position of having inherited a legacy platform with which you are unfamiliar, but is important to the continued success of your company, our Onsite Assessment Service is what you need. One of our experts will visit your site and assess the hardware and software for you.

How can you tell if you need the Onsite Assessment Service? Take a look at the appropriate System Assessment Questionnaire. System Assessment Questionnaires can be requested from each product page or from the Hardware Emulators home page. If you are comfortable answering the questions on the questionnaire, then you probably don't need our help. If you cannot answer the questions or just don't have the time, engage us to do the work for you.

Onsite Installation Services

Most of our clients elect to include the Onsite Installation Service when they purchase one of our emulation solutions, and with good reason. Configuring an emulator can be a complex task. Since it's something that only needs to be done once, you are better served having one of our experts do it quickly than struggling through the process on your own.

The service consists of the following components:

  • Offsite assembly and testing of the host system
  • Offsite configuration of the emulator
  • Onsite assistance with host hardware installation
  • Onsite transfer of O/S and application software.
  • Onsite testing to verify functionality of the emulator

The Onsite Installation Service can be extended to include full parallel application testing and data transfer at your discretion.

Replacement Justification

It's common sense to have a business case in hand to justify the cost of replacing a system. We can help you define the costs and benefits of replacing a legacy platform in terms managers and accountants will understand. Having upper management on board at the outset goes a long way towards ensuring the success of any project. Our knowledge and experience is available to help you obtain management buy in and support.

Data Migration Services

Getting the O/S and applications ported to an emulator can be quick and easy compared to moving data. Data on legacy systems is often stored on archaic media with limited interface mechanisms and slow transfer rates. Archived data can present another layer of difficulty as it tends to be voluminous and stored on even more archaic media with even slower transfer rates. Our Data Migration Services make hardware and personnel available to assist you in transferring large quantities of data from old media.

Port Planning

An application port is just like any other project; it requires adequate planning to be successfully implemented. We can help you prepare a concise porting plan that takes into consideration the time, resources, and commitments necessary for success. A professionally prepared porting plan adds credibility to the project and is an important part of a turnkey contract.

Other Services

Migration Specialties offers a comprehensive suite of software migration services. See our Migration Services section for more information. Take advantage of our services to make your migration project as painless as possible.

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