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Many individuals and organizations directly and indirectly support our business. This page is our way of showing our appreciation.

  • Clients: Patronage. Without you there would be no us.
  • Larry Moore: Invaluable content review and suggestions.
  • Gail Claremont: Lots of patience, proofing, and great meals.
  • Adobe Support Forums: Web development assistance.
  • Project Seven: Web development assistance.
  • W3 Schools Online: Web development tutorials.
  • >Enkoder: A utility to protect e-mail addresses posted on web pages.
  • Avast! Antivirus: Helping keeping our systems virus free.
  • Kathy Moore: Priceless proofing.
  • Keith Parris: OpenVMS clustering and volume shadowing assistance.
  • John Reagan: OpenVMS Engineering, MACRO-32 performance.
  • Richard Bishop: OpenVMS technical support.
  • Andy Goldstein: OpenVMS internals, operation, & debugging support.
  • Friends & colleagues: Valuable advice & feedback.
  • Mozilla Foundation: Firefox.
  • CommunityMX: Assistance with web development issues, particularly the thorny ones around browser differences.
  • Forum participants: A particular note of thanks to all of you that devote time and energy to responding to questions on the many technical forums on the web, all of it gratis. Thanks for being there!
  • Dreamweaver FAQ: Web development assistance.
  • World Wide Web Consortium (W3C): HTML and CSS validation tools.
  • Gaitan D'Antoni: OpenVMS technical and marketing support.
  • Greg Jordan: OpenVMS Engineering, MACRO-32 performance.
  • PuTTY: A great free terminal emulator created by Simon Tatham.
  • Shane Holloway: Coding reviews and assistance.
  • PSDS: Very responsive hardware support.

For anyone we've overlooked, Thank You! Your contributions are appreciated.

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