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Because maintaining the "available dogs by state" page was manual and labor intensive.. I have opted to convert this page to use a new feature offered by which allows searching posts. This facility does not require as much manual intervetion and goes directly against the board so should not be out of date.

In order for the search to find postings pretaining to a given state... the poster must have entered it properly. I will however be going through the board and correcting posts on dogs needing homes where it is not entered properly. This search is not limited to finding only States but can used for searching any particular word.... it is particularly useful to find posts pertaining to particular type of dog such as Giant, Standard, Schnoodle, Male, Female etc. It is not case sensitive.... and it unfornuately can not handle complex searches... like regular search engines... best to search on one word (I did not write the software so have not control over it).

To find all posts for a given state, please enter AVAIL= followed the two character state abbreviation.. If you are looking for posts pretaining to California... enter "AVAIL=CA " (but do not include the double quotes).

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