Tri-State Area Scanner Frequencies

This page gives an "abbreviated" listing of scanner frequencies that would be of interest to most scanner enthusiasts. Links to other pages listing scanner frequencies for the Tri-State area appear at the bottom of this page. For a more "detailed" list of frequencies (from the FCC database), scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the link for your county of interest.

Abbreviated List

List compiled by Bill Simmons of Moundsville
FrequencyDepartment or Facility
26.625Civil Air Patrol-Air Operations
31.02Wheeling Park Commission
31.18Wheeling Park Commission
31.34Ohio Environmental Protection Agency;DNR St.C
31.46Ohio Environmental Protection Agency:DNR St.C
31.70Department of Natural Resources
31.82Parkersburg Park Commission
31.98Department of Natural Resources
33.04Brooke County Emergency Services; Bd. of Ed.
33.48Senecaville VFD
33.52Latrobe PA Fire Department
33.54Woodsfield Police
33.56Latrobe PA Fire Department
33.58Woodsfield Police
33.66Muskingum County Fire
33.68Brilliant VFD; Dillonvale Fire
33.70Latrobe PA Fire Department
33.82Ohio Rural VFD's
33.86Allegheny County Sheriff Dispatch
33.90Ohio Rural VFD's
33.94Ohio Rural VFD's
33.98Zanesville Fire Department
34.81Federal Fish & Wildlife Service
34.83Federal Fish & Wildlife Service
34.90Army Civil Engineers
35.06Ace Garage
35.08Middle Creek Garage
35.20Marine Corp Reserves Local
35.22MCI Airsignal Mobile Phone Pittsburgh
35.38Wheeling Mobile Phone
35.42Bell Telephone Base Pittsburgh
35.50Ohio Bell Telephone
35.66Bell Telephone Base Pittsburgh
36.71Army Escort Service
36.77Forestry Service Ground Operations
36.89Army Escort Service
37.10Wellsburg Local Government
37.18Allegheny County Maintenance
37.26Belmont County Sanitary Sewer District
37.28Regional Jail & Correctional Facility Authority
37.36Regional Jail & Correctional Facility Authority
37.46Ohio Edison Company
37.58Wheeling Power Company
37.64Wheeling Power Company
37.70Wheeling Power Company
37.74Wheeling Power Company
37.75Wheeling Power Company
37.76Monongahlia Power Company
37.82Ohio Edison Plant, Ohio Power Company
37.90Martins Ferry School District
37.94Belmont County Engineer
38.71U.S. Army Operations
38.89U.S. Army Operations
39.02Allegheny County Sheriff's Dept.
39.08Belmont County Sheriff's Department
39.10Cambridge Local Government
39.14Steubenville PD; Jefferson Co. Sheriff's Dept.
39.18Belmont County Local Government
39.20Zanesville PD F2; S. Zanesville PD
39.235Belmont County Sheriff's Dept.
39.24Belmont County Sheriff's Dept.;Bellaire PD
39.26Guernsey County Sheriff's Dept; Cambridge PD
39.28Marietta PD
39.30Bellaire PD; Barnesville PD
39.34Belmont County Sheriff;Cadiz PD;Harrison Cnty SO
39.36Cambridge PD; Zanesville PD F3
39.40Belpre PD; East Liverpool PD
39.44Ohio County Sheriff's Dept.
39.46Barnesville PD;Ohio Highway Patrol F2
39.48WV Pennitentiary Pager; Belpre PD
39.50Glen Dale Fire Dept.
39.52Bridgeport PD; Belmont County SO;Barnesville PD
39.56Marshall County Sheriff's Dept. F3
39.58Martins Ferry PD; Belmont County SO;Barnesville PD
39.60South Zanesville PD
39.62New Martinsville PD
39.64Weirton PD; East Liverpool PD
39.66Jefferson County Sheriff's Dept.; Barnesville PD
39.70Belpre PD; Woodsfield PD
39.72Cadiz PD;Harrison Cnty SO;Carroll Cnty SO
39.74St. Clairsville PD;Carroll Cnty SO
39.76Marshall County Sheriff's Dept.
39.78Ohio County Sheriff's Dept. F3; Zanesville PD F4
39.80Bethlehem PD; Wetzel County Sheriff's Dept.
39.82Triadelphio PD; Wetzel County Sheriff's Dept.
39.86Glen Dale PD
39.88Steubenville PD; Brilliant PD
39.90Paden City PD; Sistersville PD; Follansbee PD
39.92Wood County Sheriff's Dept.
39.94Belmont County VFD's; New Martinsville PD
39.96GlenDale PD
39.98Statewide Sheriff's Department Network
40.50Military Search and Rescue
41.50US Army Airfields
42.02DPS Moundsville
42.10DPS Moundsville Base
42.26DPS Moundsville Mobile
42.42Ohio Highway Partol St. Clairsville & Zanesville
42.52PA State Police Base
42.60PA State Police Base Waynesburg
42.62PA State Police Mobile
43.02Delta Concrete
43.10Tri-State Asphalt
43.22Mobile Communications Pittsburgh (Pagers)
43.42Bell Telephone Mobiles Pittsburgh
43.50Ohio Bell Telephone
43.58MCI Airsignal, Inc. Pittsburgh (Pagers)
43.65Marine Corp Reserves Local
43.66Mobilefon Service Bridgeport Ohio
43.85Marine Corp Reserves Local
44.10Tri-State Asphalt
44.22Kittle Hauling Company
44.82Ohio Highway Patrol Lisbon OH
44.84PA Fish and Game Control
44.88PA Game Commission
44.94Ohio Highway Patrol-Cambridge Base
44.96PA Fish Commission
44.98Ohio Highway Patrol
45.02Ohio Highway Patrol
45.10Washington County PA SO; Ohio Highway Patrol
45.16PA Emergency Management Agency
45.20Cambridge Mental Health
45.26Ohio Highway Patrol
45.32Woodsfield Local Government
45.34Weirton DPS
45.36Sardis PD
45.46Ohio Highway Patrol
45.48Wintersville Local Gov;Waynesburg PA Local Gov
45.72Ohio Department of Transportation
45.74Weirton DPS
45.76Ohio Department of Transportation
45.78Weirton DPS
45.84East Liverpool Street Dept.
45.96Waverly Special Emergency
46.00Bridgeport Village School
46.10Wood County Fire F1
46.12Tyler County Fire;Washington County PA Fire Net
46.14Wood County Fire
46.18Wetzel County VFD's
46.22Wetzel County Fire; Claysville PA VFD
46.32Wetzel County Fire
46.36Sardis VFD
46.38St. Mary's Fire; Wintersville VFD
46.44Washington County PA Fire Net
46.46Washington and Greene Counties PA Fire Net
46.52Cadiz PD
46.54Washington PA Local Government
46.61Cordless Phone Base
46.63Cordless Phone Base
46.67Cordless Phone Base
46.71Cordless Phone Base
46.73Cordless Phone Base
46.77Cordless Phone Base
46 83Cordless Phone Base
46.87Cordless Phone Base
46.93Cordless Phone Base
46.97Cordless Phone Base
47.22WVDH (Tunnels); DOT Steubenville
47.28WV Statewide Weather Network
47.30Ohio Department of Transportation
47.31Ohio Department of Transportation
47.32WVDH (Tunnels)
47.34DOT Steubenville & East Liverpool
47.36WVDH (Tunnels)
47.40Ohio Department of Transportation
47.42American National Red Cross
47.50Marine Corp Reserves Local
47.54Wood County School Buses
47.62WV Interstate Emergency Frequency
47.92Pittsburgh Water Authority
48.18Pittsburgh Ambulances & Hospitals
49.50Marine Corp Reserves Local
49.59Cordless Phone Hand Set
49.60Marine Corp Reserves Local
49.67Cordless Phone Hand Set
49.70Army EOD/Nuclear Accident Team/Marine Corp Local
49.77Cordless Phone Hand Set
49.80Army EOD/Nuclear Accident Team
49.83Cordless Phone Hand Set
49.845Cordless Phone Hand Set
49.86Cordless Phone Hand Set
49.875Cordless Phone Hand Set
49.89Cordless Phone Hand Set
49.93Cordless Phone Hand Set
49.97Cordless Phone Hand Set
55.32Marine Corp Reserves Local
60.80Marine Corp Reserves Local
108.000Trans World Airways Pittsburgh
108.100Trans World Airways Pittsburgh
108.900Pittsburgh International Airport
109.100Allegheny County Airport
109.700Wheeling Ohio County Airport
110.000Pittsburgh International Airport VORTAC
110.900Latrobe Airport;Westmoreland County Airport
111.000Pittsburgh International Airport
111.300Pittsburgh International Airport
111.700Pittsburgh International Airport
112.000Montour - Pittsburgh Airport VORTAC
112.200Wheeling Ohio County Airport VORTAC
117.100Bellaire VORTAC
118.100Wheeling Ohio County Airport FAA Tower
118.500Allegheny County Airport
118.700Pittsburgh International Airport Departure
119.100Pittsburgh International Airport Tower
120.550Allegheny County Airport
121.100Allegheny County Airport Tower
121.500National Aircraft Emergency Frequency
121.700Allegheny County Airport Ground
121.800Westmoreland Airport (Latrobe)
121.900Wheeling Ohio County Airport Ground Control
122.100Pittsburgh Flight Service
122.200Pittsburgh Flight Service;Parkersburg Flight Ser
122.400Pittsburgh Flight Service;Parkersburg Flight Ser
122.700Marshall County Airport
122.800Wheeling Ohio County Airport; Waynesburg Airport
122.900Civil Air Patrol Routine;Alderson Airport St.C
122.950Wheeling Ohio County Airport;Wood County Airport
123.000Barnesville Bradfield Airport
123.100Civil Air Patrol Emergency
123.350Rockwell International Approach
123.450Civil Air Patrol Air to Air
123.475Civil Air Patrol Air to Air
123.700Wood County Airport Parkersburg
124.150Pittsburgh International Airport Approach
124.350Wood County Airport
124.750Pittsburgh International Airport Departure
125.000Westmoreland County Airport (Latrobe)
125.900Pittsburgh International Airport Approach
126.200Pittsburgh International Airport Approach
126.750Pittsburgh International Airport CLNC DEL
127.250Pittsburgh International Airport
127.950Pittsburgh International Airport
128.300Pittsburgh International Airport Tower
128.825Aeronautical Radio Inc. Pittsburgh
128.900Aeronautical Radio Inc. Pittsburgh & Washington
128.950Aeronautical Radio Inc. Pittsburgh
129.025Aeronautical Radio Inc. Wood County
129.050Aeronautical Radio Inc. Pittsburgh
129.150Aeronautical Radio Inc. Pittsburgh
129.200Aeronautical Radio Inc. Pittsburgh
129.225Aeronautical Radio Inc. Pittsburgh
129.300Aeronautical Radio Inc. Pittsburgh
129.325Aeronautical Radio Inc. Pittsburgh
129.525Air Force 1 Press Phone
129.800Aeronautical Radio Inc. Pittsburgh
129.825Aeronautical Radio Inc. Pittsburgh
129.950Aeronautical Radio Inc. Pittsburgh
130.000Aeronautical Radio Inc. Pittsburgh
130.050Aeronautical Radio Inc. Pittsburgh
130.100Aeronautical Radio Inc. Pittsburgh
130.300Aeronautical Radio Inc. Pittsburgh
130.500Aeronautical Radio Inc. Pittsburgh
130.525Aeronautical Radio Inc. Pittsburgh
130.700Aeronautical Radio Inc. Pittsburgh
130.900Aeronautical Radio Inc. Pittsburgh
130.925Aeronautical Radio Inc. Pittsburgh
131.025Aeronautical Radio Inc. Wood County
131.050Aeronautical Radio Inc. Pittsburgh
131.200Aeronautical Radio Inc. Pittsburgh
131.425Aeronautical Radio Inc. Pittsburgh
131.550Aeronautical Radio Inc. Pittsburgh
131.825Aeronautical Radio Inc. Pittsburgh
131.850Aeronautical Radio Inc. Pittsburgh
131.900Aeronautical Radio Inc. Pittsburgh
131.925Aeronautical Radio Inc. Pittsburgh
135.900Aeronautical Radio Inc. Wood County
138.075US Air Force Investigation
138.175US Air Force Investigation
138.375Federal Emergency Management Agency
139.450Federal Emergency Management Agency
139.825Federal Emergency Management Agency
139.950Federal Emergency Management Agency
140.025Federal Emergency Management Agency
140.075U. S. Navy Operations
142.150Air Force M.A.R.S. Operations
142.350Federal Emergency Management Agency
142.425Federal Emergency Management Agency
142.975Federal Emergency Management Agency
143.000Federal Emergency Management Agency
143.450Air Force M.A.R.S. Operations
143.900Civil Air Patrol Routine
143.990Army M.A.R.S. Operations
145.090Amateur Radio Packet Radio Net
145.190Amateur Radio Repeater WB8JGY Stone Church Road
145.210Amateur Radio Repeater WB8JGY St. Clairsville
145.230Amateur Radio Repeater WN3VAW Waynesburg
145.430Amateur Radio Repeater K8LG Morgantown
145.490Amateur Radio Repeater W3CYO Washington
146.640Amateur Radio Repeater WB8WJT Barnesville
146.665Amateur Radio Repeater WD8FPN Cadiz
146.685Amateur Radio Repeater N8FMD Clarksburg
145.690Amateur Radio Packet DAREN Network
146.700Amateur Radio Repeater East Liverpool
146.715Amateur Radio Repeater KD8GL Sherrard
146.745Wood County A.R.E.S. Repeater
146.760Amateur Radio Repeater W8ZQ Wheeling
146.760Amateur Radio Repeater W8CUL Morgantown
146.775Amateur Radio Repeater KB8BWZ Elkins
146.790Amateur Radio Repeater K3PSP Washington
146.850Amateur Radio Repeater W8VP Cambridge
146.900Amateur Radio Repeater W8SP Fairmont
146.910Amateur Radio Repeater N8FQN McMechen
146.940Amateur Radio Repeater W8CWO Weirton
147.030Amateur Radio Repeater WB8ECC St. Marys
147.060Amateur Radio Repeater K8RRQ Toronto
147.075Amateur Radio Repeater KE8QC Morgantown
147.120Amateur Radio Repeater WB8DKM Bridgeport
147.240Amateur Radio Repeater WB8CSW New Martinsville
147.255Amateur Radio Repeater WA8LLM Parkersburg
147.270Amateur Radio Repeater WD8DBZ Barnesville
147.315Amateur Radio Repeater KE8MR Clarksburg
147.330Amateur Radio Repeater N8MTU Woodsfield
148.150Civil Air Patrol Primary Operations
148.375Navy M.A.R.S. Operations
149.925Civil Air Patrol Operations
150.875Fleet Service
151.010Weirton Street Department
151.025Benwood Street Department
151.040Cadiz Street Department
151.070Jefferson County Engineer Weirton
151.145Pleasants County Parks & Recreation
151.160PA Environmental Protection Agency Base
151.235Ohio Department of Liquor Control
151.280Ohio Parks & Recreation
151.355Barkcamp Security
151.385Pittsburgh Steelers Security
151.475Ohio Department of Natural Resources
151.565Belmont Concrete
151.625H. B. Reed Company; Pittsburgh Steelers Security
151.715Waynesburg College
151.800T.C.I. of Moundsville
151.865Pepsi-Cola Co.;Ogden News; Kennywood Park
151.895M.E.T.S. Ambulance Company (131.8)
151.925Pepsi-Cola Company of Moundsville
152.030Whg Mobile Phone - F 1; Digital Paging Sys Pgh
152.050Wheeling Mobile Phone - Channel 2
152.060Wheeling Mobile Phone - Channel 3
152.090Wheeling Mobile Phone - Channel 4
152.120Whg Mobile Phone - F 5; Digital Paging Sys Pgh
152.150Wheeling Mobile Phone - Channel 7
152.180Whg Mobile Phone - F 9;Joines Telephone Ans. Pgh
152.210Whg Mobile Phone - F 11; West Liberty Mobile Phone
152.240Digital Paging System Pagers Pittsburgh
152.270Moundsville Cab Company
152.390Wheeling Cab Company
152.450Wheeling Cab Company
152.480Ohio Valley Medical Center Paging
152.510Bell Telephone Co Base Pittsburgh
152.630Bell Telephone Co Base Pittsburgh
152.690Bell Telephone Co Base Pittsburgh
152.720Moundsville Cab Company
152.750Bell Telephone Co Base Pittsburgh
152.840Ohio Bell Telephone Bridgeport
153.200Weirton Steel Rail Road Security
153.230Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel Corp.
153.320Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel Corp.
153.380Mull Industries, Inc.
153.560Columbia Gas Company
153.740Weirton Fire
153.770Parkersburg Fire; Weirton Fire
153.785Jefferson County Local Gov; PA Horse Racing Comm.
153.800Steubenville Water Department
153.815Moundsville Local Government
153.845Wood County Emergency Services
153.860Follansbee Local Government
153.875Wheeling Local Government
153.890Martins Ferry Fire
153.920Ohio County Sheriff
153.950Wheeling Fire F 2; Steubenville Fire
153.980Wheeling Police Dept.
154.010Bellaire, Mingo Junction, Wintersville Fire
154.025Ohio County PSD; Cadiz Local Government
154.040Wellsburg Local Government
154.055East Liverpool Local Government
154.070Marshall County Fireground
154.115Steubenville Local Government
154.130Pittsburgh Fire Department Base F 1
154.145Weirton Fire Department
154.175Weirton Fire Department
154.190Wheeling Fire Dept. F1 Receive (131.8)
154.220Wood County Fire
154.250Ohio County Fire Dispatch Transmit (131.8)
154.265Wheeling Local Government
154.280East Liverpool & Shadyside Fire
154.310Moundsville & Cameron Fire Departments
154.325Mingo Junction,Weirton Fire Depts;Pgh Fire F 2
154.340Weirton Heights V.F.D.
154.355Cambridge Fire
154.370Weirton Fire Department
154.385Marshall County Fire Control
154.400O.V.M.C. Security
154.430Ohio Rural VFD's
154.445Wheeling Fire Department F1 Transmit (131.8)
154.490Consol Coal Company
154.515St. Clairsville Mall Security;Geuaga Lake Security
154.540West Liberty College Security;Sea World Security
154.570Wheeling Downs; Sea World; Geuaga Lake Securities
154.600Pittsburgh Job Corps
154.625Consol Coal Company
154.650Steubenville PD; Wetzel County Sheriff's Dept.
154.680Law Enforcement Emergency Radio Network
154.695PA State Police Base Washington, Waynesburg
154.710Follansbee PD
154.740Weirton Special Emergency
154.750Brooke County Sheriff's Department
154.755Cambridge VFD; PA State Police Waynesburg,Washing
154.770Hancock County Sheriff's Department
154.785West Virginia Penitentiary
154.800Weirton Police Department
154.830Weirton Police Department
154.845Brooke County Sheriff
154.875Steubenville PD
154.905State of West Virginia Corrections
154.920PA State Police Base Washington, Waynesburg
154.935Law Enforcement Emergency Radio Network
154.950Wheeling Police Tac 2 (TX 131.8)
154.965Bridgeport Local Gov;Wood County Emergency Mgmt
154.995Martins Ferry Local Government
155.010Wheeling Police Department Receive
155.025St. Clairsville Local Government
155.040Cambridge Metro Housing Authority
155.055Wheeling Local Gov; WV Pennitentary
155.085Weirton Local Government
155.115S. Zanesville Local Gov; Pittsburgh Animal Control
155.130Benwood and McMechen Police Departments
155.145Shadyside Local Government
155.160Wheeling Fire F3; Ohio County OES (131.8)
155.175Lifetime EMS, Inc. Chester
155.200WV Search and Rescue Network
155.205Martins Ferry School District;Pittsburgh EMS
155.220Tri-State Ambulance (151.4)
155.235Marshall County Rescue; Bellaire City Schools
155.250Moundsville Police Department
155.265Ohio County Schools; Brooke County Ambulance
155.280Marshall County O.E.S.; NorPaCC
155.295Wetzel County Ambulance Authority, NorPaCC
155.310West Virginia Penitentiary
155.340Hospitals and Ambulances
155.355Ohio Valley Medical Center
155.370Brooke County Sheriff; Ohio Highway Patrol St. C
155.385Pleasant Valley Hospital
155.400O.V.M.C. Security; Wood County Ambulance Dispatch
155.430WV Department of Public Safety Repeater
155.470Special Emergency
155.475National Police Frequency
155.490Parkersburg Police Dept; Aleppo Police Dept
155.505PA State Police Base Waynesburg
155.510Shadyside Fire and Emergency
155.520Aleppo PD
155.535Weirton Police Department
155.550Ohio County Sheriff's Department Receive (131.8)
155.580WV State Police Moundsville; Weirton Police
155.585Ohio Valley General Hospital Steubenville
155.595Aleppo PD
155.610Mingo Junction & Bridgeport Police;Aleppo PD
155.640Hancock County Sheriff's Dept.;New Manchester PD
155.650Hancock County Sheriff's Dept.
155.670PA State Police Washington Waynesburg
155.700Greene County Sheriff
155.715Grand Vue Park
155.760Ohio County Fire Dispatch Receive (131.8)
155.775Pt. Pleasant Local Gov.
155.805Zanesville Local Gov.
155.850Moundsville Police; Bridgeport Mingo Junction PD
155.865New Martinsville Police;Zanesville Local Gov.
155.880Pittsburgh Street/Water Departments
155.910Steubenville,East Liverpool & Zanesville Police
155.950Wheeling Street & Water Departments
156.000Vienna Local Government
156.045Cadiz Street Department
156.075Jefferson County Engineer (Weirton)
156.090Weirton Police Department
156.100Weirton Police Department
156.105Wheeling Street Department
156.150Parkersburg PD Mobiles; Cadiz Street Dept.
156.275Marine Channel 65A
156.300Marine Channel 6; U.S. Coast Guard
156.325Marine Channel 66A
156.350Marine Channel 7A; Stoltzenbach Coal Pgh
156.375Marine Channel 67
156.400Marine Channel 8
156.425Marine Channel 68
156.450Marine Channel 9
156.475Marine Channel 69
156.500Marine Channel 10; Weirton Steel Corp.
156.525Marine Channel 70
156.550Marine Channel 11; Weirton Steel Corp.
156.575Marine Channel 71
156.600Marine Channel 12; U.S. Coast Guard
156.625Marine Channel 72
156.650Marine Channel 13
156.675Marine Channel 73
156.700Marine Channel 14; U.S. Coast Guard
156.725Marine Channel 74; Petroleum Service
156.750Marine Channel 15
156.775Marine Channel 75
156.800Marine Channel 16 (Distress)
156.825Marine Channel 76
156.850Marine Channel 17
156.875Marine Channel 77
156.900Marine Channel 18A; J & C Towing Service
156.925Marine Channel 78A; Fox Chapel Yacht Club Pgh
156.950Marine Channel 19A; We Do Electronics Pgh
156.975Marine Channel 79A
157.025Marine Channel 80A; Gateway Clipper Pgh
157.050Marine Channel 21CG; U. S. Coast Guard
157.100Marine Channel 22A; U. S. Coast Guard
157.150Marine Channel 23CG; U.S. Coast Guard
157.175Marine Channel 83CG
157.300Mobile Telephone Service Mobile
157.425Marine Channel 88A
157.485Assaros Towing Service
157.515Whortons Towing Service
157.650Wheeling Cab Mobile
157.770Bell Telephone Co. Pgh Mobiles
157.800TSA Pager
157.890Bell Telephone Co. Pgh Mobiles
157.950Bell Telephone Co. Pgh Mobiles
158.010Bell Telephone Co. Pgh Mobiles
158.100American Paging Inc. Pgh Pagers
158.490Digital Paging Service Pittsburgh
158.640Joines Telephone Answering Service Pgh
158.670Mobile Telephone Service West Liberty
158.700Bobes Pager Service;Digital Paging Systems Pgh
158.745Wood County Emergency Services
158.760East Liverpool Local Gov; PA Liquor Control
158.775Zanesville Local Government
158.820Parkersburg Public Works
158.835Weirton Local Government
158.910DPS Moundsville
158.925Moundsville Local Government;OCSD Transmit Rptr
158.955Pittsburgh Animal Control Mobile
158.970New Manchester Police Department
159.060Ohio County Sheriff's Dept. Repeater Input
159.150West Liberty Police Department
159.180Wheeling Street Department
159.195Cadiz Street Department
159.225Pleasants County Parks & Recreation
159.285Pennsylvania Environmental Mobile
159.315Parkersburg State Parks & Recreation
159.330PA State Parks Mobile
159.450Ohio Department of Natural Resources
160.230B & O Railroad Cabs
160.530B & O Railroad Dispatcher
160.532B & O Railroad Yards
160.785C & O Railroad
160.800Penn Central Railroad; Conrail
160.835B & O Railroad Engines
161.640WDVE Pgh Traffic Plane
161.670WTAE News Crew; KQV Radio Reporters
161.700WKTQ AM Radio News
161.900Mobile Telephone Service Pgh Mobile
162.225U.S. Postal Service Inspectors
162.400National Weather Service Charleston & Elkins
162.475National Weather Service Akron/Canton
162.550National Weather Service Pittsburgh
162.6875Air Force 1 Phone link Air to Ground
162.7125U.S. Marshalls
162.7875U.S. Marshalls
163.200U.S. Marshalls
163.225National Marine Fisheries Service
163.250Bellaire City Hospital
163.375Secret Service
163.4125U.S. Army Corp of Engineers
163.4375U.S. Army Corp of Engineers
163.775U.S. Marshalls
163.8125U.S. Marshalls
164.000U.S. Postal Service Inspectors
164.325U.S. Department of Energy
164.375U.S. Department of Energy
164.400U.S. Marshalls
164.4125U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
164.480U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
164.500U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
164.600U.S. Marshalls
164.650Secret Service Law Enforcement Operations
164.825U.S. Department of Agriculture
164.8875Secret Service VIP Limosine
165.0875Secret Service VIP Limosine
165.2125Secret Service Counterfeiting Operations
165.2375U.S. Customs Service
165.2875U.S. Dept of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
165.375Secret Service Operations
165.6625Nuclear Regulatory Commission
165.750NTSB Aircraft Crash Investigation
165.7625National Transportation and Safety Board; F.A.A.
165.7875Secret Service Operations
165.9125U.S. Dept of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
166.175National Transportation and Safety Board; F.A.A.
166.2125Secret Service VIP Limosine
166.250KDKA TV Reporters/Helicopter
166.415U.S. Federal Aviation Administration
166.4625U.S. Customs Service
166.5375U.S. Dept of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
166.5875U.S. Customs Service
167.050Federal Communacations Commission
167.475Federal Bureau of Investigation
167.515Federal Bureau of Investigation Pittsburgh
167.560Federal Bureau of Investigation
167.600Federal Bureau of Investigation
167.640Federal Bureau of Investigation
168.000U.S. Dept of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
168.325U.S. Army Corp of Engineers
168.750U.S. Forestry Service
168.775U.S. Forestry Service
169.100Nuclear Regulatory Commission
169.175Ohio Forestry Service
169.800U.S. Postal Service Inspectors
170.150WPXI TV Helicopter/News;WTRF TV News
170.200Federal Aviation Administration A-2
171.1875Air Force 1 Phone link Ground to Air
172.125Federal Aviation Administration F-8
172.150Federal Aviation Administration F-9
172.175Federal Aviation Administration F-10
171.575Ohio Forestry Service
172.825Federal Aviation Administration F-7
172.850Federal Aviation Administration F-4
172.875Federal Aviation Administration F-5
172.900Federal Aviation Administration F-6
172.925Federal Aviation Administration F-1
172.950Federal Aviation Administration F-2
172.975Federal Aviation Administration F-3
173.225Pittsburgh Post Gazette
173.275Ogden Newspapers
173.375Wheeling News Register
173.8875U.S. Dept of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
236.600Pittsburgh International Airport Tower
239.000Allegheny County Airport Tower
243.000NASA Emergency Channel
252.100911 TAG Command Post
255.400Pittsburgh Flight Service;Parkersburg Flight Ser
257.800Allegheny County Airport Tower
259.700NASA Emergency Channel
279.000NASA Emergency Channel
296.800NASA Shuttle Air to Ground
303.000Air National Guard Tankers
305.400Pittsburgh International Airport CLNC DEL
334.700Trans World Airways
337.400Pittsburgh International Airport Approach
338.200Pittsburgh International Airport Departure
348.600Allegheny County Airport Ground
360.800Pittsburgh International Airport Approach
363.800Pittsburgh International Airport Approach
386.600Allegheny County Airport CLNC DEL
388.000Pittsburgh International Airport Departure
407.200U.S. Department of State
407.600U.S. Department of State
407.675Secret Service Treasury Security
407.850Air Force 1 Phone link Ground to Air
408.600U.S. Department of State
409.625U.S. Department of State
410.200U.S. Postal Service Inspectors
413.450Air Force Command Post Alert
413.600U.S. Postal Service Inspectors
414.025Federal Bureau of Investigation
414.125Federal Bureau of Investigation
414.425Federal Bureau of Investigation
414.775Secret Service Foreign Dignatory Protection
415.100Federal Reserve Bank
415.200Federal Protection Agency GSA
415.700Air Force 1 Phone Link Air to Ground
416.050U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration
416.325U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration
417.200Federal Protection Agency GSA
418.050U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration
418.200U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration
418.625U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration
418.675U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration
418.750U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration
418.800U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration
418.825U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration
418.900U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration
418.950U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration
418.975U.S. Drug Enforcement Adminsitration
419.425Federal Bureau of Investigation
450.050WTAE News/Helicopter Pittsburgh
450.0875WTAE Traffic Reports
450.250KDKA AM News
450.150WTAE TV Pittsburgh
450.2875KQV AM Radio News Pittsburgh
450.450WPEZ News Pittsburgh
450.550WTAE News/Helicopter Pittsburgh
450.700WDVE News Pittsburgh
450.850KDKA TV Remote Events
452.9625CNN Television
452.975CNN Television
452.9875CNN Television
453.000CNN Television
453.050Allegheny County Port Authority
453.100St. Clairsville Local Gov;Pittsburgh PD
453.175Weirton Area Medical Center
453.200Allegheny County Port Authority
453.250Martins Ferry Local Gov;Pittsburgh PD
453.300Allegheny County Port Authority
453.325Pleasants & Tyler County School Buses
453.350Follansbee VFD Repeater
453.400Pittsburgh Police Department
453.450Pittsburgh Police Department F 7
453.475Wheeling Local Government
453.525PA Emergency Management Agency
453.550Wheeling Park Commission:Pgh Police Dept
453.600Allegheny County Port Authority
453.625Wheeling Local Government
453.675Allegheny County Convention Center
453.700Allegheny County Port Authority;Pgh PD Tac F5
453.7375Moundsville Housing Authority
453.750Allegheny County Port Authority
453.7625East Liverpool Local Government
453.775Ohio Valley Regional Parks
453.825Pgh International Airport Police
453.850Pittsburgh Police Dept F 6
453.925Pgh International Airport Maintenance
453.950Pittsburgh Police Dept F 8
453.975Pgh International Airport Operations
454.100MCI Airsignal of Pittsburgh Pagers
454.275MCI Airsignal of Pittsburgh Base
454.325Professional Communications Pgh Pagers
454.375Bell Telephone Company Pittsburgh Base
454.400Bell Telephone Company Pittsburgh Base
454.425Bell Telephone Company Pittsburgh Base
454.475Bell Telephone Company Pittsburgh Base
454.575American Paging Pittsburgh
454.675Aircraft Telephone Calling
454.700Aircraft Mobile Phone Channel 6
454.725Aircraft Mobile Phone Channel 7
454.750Aircraft Mobile Phone Channel 5
454.775Aircraft Mobile Phone Channel 8
454.800Aircraft Mobile Phone Channel 4
454.825Aircraft Mobile Phone Channel 9
454.850Aircraft Mobile Phone Channel 3
454.875Aircraft Mobile Phone Channel 10
454.900Aircraft Mobile Phone Channel 2
454.925Aircraft Mobile Phone Channel 11
454.950Aircraft Mobile Phone Channel 1
454.975Aircraft Mobile Phone Channel 12
455.150WPXI TV News Pittsburgh
455.350WIIC TV Pittsburgh Channel 11
458.100St. Clairsville Local Government
458.550Wheeling Park Commission; Pittsburgh Police Dept
458.700Pittsburgh Police Department
458.775Ohio Valley Regional Transit Authority Repeater
458.850Pittsburgh Police Department
458.925Zanesville Fire Department
459.275MCI Airsignal of Pittsburgh Mobiles
459.325Mobilefone Service Martins Ferry
459.375Bell Telephone Co Pgh Mobiles
459.400Bell Telephone Co Pgh Mobiles
459.425Bell Telephone Co Pgh Mobiles
459.475Bell Telephone Co Pgh Mobiles
459.800Bell Telephone Co Pgh Mobiles
460.075WV Pennitentary
460.100Bellaire Police Department Repeater
460.125WV Corrections
460.200DPS Wheeling
460.225Toronto Police Department
460.325WV Pennitentary Tac 3
460.400DPS Wheeling
460.475PA Department of Justice
460.550WV Search and Rescue K9 Teams
460.5875Follansbee Fire Dept. Repeater
460.675Trans World Airways
460.700U. S. Air Airlines
460.725United Air Lines
460.775American Airlines
460.800Delta Airlines
460.825U. S. Air Airlines
460.850U. S. Air Airlines
461.150Globe Parking Pittsburgh Airport
461.200Blazer Auto Body
461.400Delta Queen River Boat; Canaan Valley Resort
461.500Canaan Valley Resort
462.025Sea World Security
462.075Norimac Repeater Input
462.550Med Channel 1
462.575Med Channel 2
462.600Med Channel 3
462.625Med Channel 4
462.650Med Channel 5;Pgh Port Authorities Supervisors
462.675Med Channel 6
462.700Med Channel 7
462.725Med Channel 11; I.S.K.C.O.N. repeater
462.9375Brilliant Volunteer Fire Company
462.950Northern WV EMS Agency; Pittsburgh EMS
462.975Northern WV EMS Agency; Pittsburgh EMS
463.175Northern WV EMS Agency
463.2125Sea World (Aurora) Security
463.2625Sea World (Aurora) Security
463.3125Sea World (Aurora) Security
463.4625Sea World (Aurora) Security
463.5125Sea World (Auroro) Security
463.650Pgh International Airport Parking Center
464.375Bethany College Security
464.475Ohio Valley College Parkersburg Security
464.500Goodyear Blimp
464.525U. S. Air Airlines
464.550Goodyear Blimp;Jeff Tech College
464.700Marshall County Board of Education
464.750Pittsburgh Press Newspaper
464.825Sea World (Aurora) Security
464.850Delta Queen River Boat
464.875Sea World (Aurora) Security
464.975Best Western Inn
465.0125St. Clairsville Police Department
465.075WVP Tac 1 Transmit (Simplex also)
465.100Wheeling Police Department
465.150Wheeling Police Department
465.1625Tyler County Sheriff's Department
465.325WVP Tac 3 Transmit (Simplex)
465.475PA Department of Justice Mobiles
465.5875St. Clairsville Police Department
465.9375Goodyear Blimp
465.9625Goodyear Blimp
466.200Blazer Auto Body
467.075Norimac Repeater
467.550Med Channel 1
467.575Med Channel 2
467.600Med Channel 3
467.625Med Channel 4
467.650Med Channel 5
467.675Med Channel 6
467.700Med Channel 7
467.725Med Channel 8;I.S.K.C.O.N.
467.750Three Rivers Stadium F4
467.850Three Rivers Stadium F2; Air Force 1
467.925Three Rivers Stadium F3
467.950Northern WV EMS Agency;Wood County Med Channel 9
467.975Northern WV EMS Agency;Wood County Med Channel 10
468.175Northern WV EMS Agency;Mingo Junction VFD
469.700Marshall County Board of Education Transmit
470.3125Allegheny County Police
470.3375Allegheny County Police
470.3625Allegheny County Police
470.3875Allegheny County Police Tactical
470.4125Allegheny County Sheriff F1
470.4375Allegheny County Sheriff F2
470.4875Allegheny County Sheriff F3 Tactical
470.6125Port Authority of Allegheny County Base
470.6625Port Authority of Allegheny County Base
470.6875Port Authority of Allegheny County Base
470.7375Port Authority of Allegheny County Base
471.1375Allegheny County Police Mutual Aid
473.6125Port Authority of Allegheny County Mobile
473.6625Port Authority of Allegheny County Mobile
473.6875Port Authority of Allegheny County Mobile
473.7375Port Authority of Allegheny County Mobile
811.262Pittsburgh Police and Fire Mobile
811.437Pittsburgh Police and Fire Mobile
811.762Pittsburgh Police and Fire Mobile
811.937Pittsburgh Police and Fire Mobile
812.937Pittsburgh Police and Fire Mobile
813.262Pittsburgh Police and Fire Mobile
813.437Pittsburgh Police and Fire
813.762Pittsburgh Police and Fire
813.937Pittsburgh Police and Fire
814.262Pittsburgh Police and Fire
814.437Pittsburgh Police and Fire
814.762Pittsburgh Police and Fire
814.937Pittsburgh Police and Fire
815.262Pittsburgh Police and Fire
815.437Pittsburgh Police and Fire
815.762Pittsburgh Police and Fire
815.937Pittsburgh Police and Fire
856.262Pittsburgh Police and Fire
856.437Pittsburgh Police and Fire
856.762Pittsburgh Police and Fire
856.937Pittsburgh Police and Fire
857.262Pittsburgh Police and Fire
857.437Pittsburgh Police and Fire
857.762Pittsburgh Police and Fire
857.937Pittsburgh Police and Fire
858.262Pittsburgh Police and Fire
858.437Pittsburgh Police and Fire
858.762Pittsburgh Police and Fire
858.937Pittsburgh Police and Fire
859.262Pittsburgh Police and Fire
859.437Pittsburgh Police and Fire
859.762Pittsburgh Police and Fire
859.937Pittsburgh Police and Fire
860.262Pittsburgh Police and Fire
860.437Pittsburgh Police and Fire
860.762Pittsburgh Police and Fire
860.937Pittsburgh Police and Fire
929.762MCI Airsignal Inc. Pgh Pagers
929.787Locate 1, Inc. Pgh Pagers
929.962Locate 1, Inc. Pgh Pagers

Additional Scanner Frequency Links

North Central West Virginia Scanner Frequencies
Scanning Northeast Ohio
Western Pennsylvania Scanner Frequency Page

Detailed Frequency Lists

The "Detailed Frequency Lists" contain an
abbreviation for the type of radio service (RS) for each entry.
I have included a list of the Radio Service Abbreviations.
For example: PP=Police, PF=Fire
Radio Service Abbreviations

Columbiana County
Jefferson County

Beaver County

West Virginia
Brooke County
Hancock County
Ohio County