Virginia Charter


    Southern Virginia was given to the London company.  Northern Virginia was given to the Plymouth Company (which becomes the Massachusetts Bay Company).  In 1607, the London Company brought 150 settlers to Southern Virginia.  They were still representing King James I at the time, so they named the settlement  Jamestown after King James I.  They named the James River after their king also.  Jamestown was covered with mosquitoes, because of the swampy land it was made on.

The London Company Seal
Virginia Company of London Seal     

Massachusetts Bay Company Seal
Seal of the Massachusetts Bay Company

In the beginning

     For the colonists, the first year was very hard.  They had a very harsh winter, and only 32 colonists survived.  John Smith helped Jamestown through a lot of their trouble.  He was experience in hard survival, and knew what to do.  He made peace with chief Powhatan.  Powhatan gave the colonists food and helped them during their first year. The reason the colonists survived was because the Native Americans helped them and gave them food.  The next winter, after more colonists and provisions arrived by ship, many colonists died because of attacks from their neighbors and from starvation.  Right as winter was beginning to end, more ships came.  The colonists were more than ready to go, but Lord Thomas de la Warr wouldn't let them go back to England.

Captain John SmithPowhatan
Captian John Smith   


    The colonists learned how to grow crops with the help of the Native Americans.  John Rolfe started the trend of growing tobacco.  The southern colonies became very rich from tobacco. 
The daily life of the colonists in Virginia was working on their farms.  The people of Virginia learned from horn books.


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