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Columbian Exchange Map Activity

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Students are to create a map which includes the following items:
- Europe
- North America
- South America
- Products and ideas which were exchanged among the continents
- Colorful pictures for each of each products or ideas.

Note:  The Columbian Exchange is the exchange of goods and ideas involving the Old and New Worlds.  In other words, several items went from Europe and Africa to the settlements in America.  In exchange, other products returned either to Europe or to Africa.  The main tool used for this exchange were the Triangular Trade routes.

Listed below are pictures and web site links which explain and list products and ideas exchanged using the Columbian Exchange.

Your map should look something like this:
(NOTE: This picture does not contain product pictures.)
Good example of what to do...

Click here to see the above pictured map and a little text explaining the map.

Triangular Trade

The map shown above is a very simple view of the Triangular Trade Routes.

A PDF file showing the complex slave trade among Africa, Europe, and the Americas

An outline of products, ideas, diseases, etc which were exchanged

Notes for a lecture about this time period--Columbian Exchange notes are listed about halfway down the page.  Do you recognize any of the other information?

A "Columbian Exchange" PowerPoint presentation on the internet

Wikipedia's explanation of the Columbian Exchange

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