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Jean McCallum Morgan writes 11/28/09:   
Sorry to hear about Carole. Those of us that are hurting figure if we hurt, we're still alive.  I'm scheduled for a hip replacement Jan. 8th.  Had been telling the doc I thought I had more than rheumatism, and finally talked her into an X-ray; I'm walking bone on bone on both hips!  No wonder it hurts!  Hope you are well ...sorry to have missed the 50th myself, but was hurting, and with a walker, it would have been rather a struggle.
I still play organ at times, to fill in - especially at Christmas.  Am accompanying the Montessori kids that have a class in our church, for their Christmas program.   And have accompanied the choir now and then.  I am a retired organist/accompanist, after doing so for over 25 years.  Still sing in the choir and am active in our Mission group at church.  Life is good.  I have a golf cart that I have been getting around my property and the neighborhood in - sure is nice after pretty much not being able to get out and about the neighborhood much for the past year or so.  Don't hear from any Whitties; kept in touch with Carol NcNewSorenson, but she has since passed away.
My best to all - Jeanie
Class Updates:
Carole Myers (Holland) passed away at her son Mark's home in Edmonds, WA on Wednesday, November 25, 2009, following a brave 6-months struggle with pancreatic cancer.  A memorial service will be held in Seattle in January, 2010  Cards/notes can be sent to her family c/o Mark Holland, 18922  84th Ave. West, Edmonds, WA  98026; email marjen19@juno.com.  She leaves two children - son Mark & Jenny Holland and daughter Anne & Mike Gagliano - and two grandchildren. 

JUNE 10-12, 2011   Mark your calendars for the next class gathering—the Whitman “50+ Reunion” in June 2011.   Having completed 50 years since graduation, the Class of 1959 is eligible to attend all 50+ reunions and activities.  More details will be forthcoming on the College website in the future.  Yes, guys and gals, we’re now the “oldies!” 

Please e-mail Mary with news about yourself or fellow classmates that you want to share, for posting here.  If enough of us want a FaceBook account for the class (please let me know if you’re interested), I’ll set one up and we can keep up-to-date that way, too. 



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