"... goat's milk enough. . ." Proverbs 27:27                                                                


Proverbial Caprines


Proverbial Caprines

Take a pictorial tour of our herd. We try very hard to take the best care of our goats possible. If you see an animal that interests you, please contact us and we will let you know about their offspring's availability. Our herd is tested annually for CAE.  We participated in a One Day Milk Test in 2004, earning 5 stars, and we plan to participate in the 2005 Linear Appraisal.

Take a look at the does who are the foundation of our herd.
Yearling Does

Proverbial Caprines breeds does after their first birthday.  This allows some extra time to grow and be a "kid".

2005 Kids

View this year's kid crop.  Everyone likes baby pictures! Some are still available for purchase.  Our kids are raised on pasteurized goat milk.

$50 non-refundable deposit required when kid/kids reserved. Deposit may be transferred to another unreserved animal of buyer's choice only when dam does not produce offspring of the desired gender. (First come, first serve basis.) Balance to be paid within 30 days or when delivery is taken, whichever is earliest. Balances paid on day of pick-up will be made in cash. Kids will be picked up no earlier than two-weeks of age and no later than 30 days of age unless prior permission to do so has been obtained. There will be a boarding fee charged for kids lodged past 30 days of age.


Our bucks are carefully chosen to guide our herd in the direction that we want it to go. Our bucks are G6S screened so we can assure buyers that they will not purchase an affected kid from us.


       We began selling soaps in 1999 to help support our "goat addiction".   




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