This is online newsletter dedicated to the dying breed of people in our society that are still observant enough to notice "the subtle nuances" that most people over look, and to piece them together and devise a theoretical possibility of conspiracy, and was in part inspired by the motion picture "Conspiracy Theory." Also to some paranoid freaks who have no concept of reality. Some of these theories will be shocking, some will be outrageous, some will be lame, but some may be true.

All are guaranteed to keep the paranoid awake at night and some may even leave the more discerning skeptical mind wondering. All are here to help us realize how inattentive Americans have become to the happenings in the world around us, and will show examples of how easily the general public has been deceived time after time. It will give opinions on how this global gullibility is affecting our political and educational institutions.

I will use no names and list no resource for the information on this page, and if pursued in a court of law I will claim it was all my personal observation or plead the 5th! As far as proving my point, this is opinion and possibility and In some instances if I had proof it would not be a theory but a supreme court investigation, and in some cases there may be no where left to go with the facts and they would have to be concealed to protect ourselves. So if some day this page is wiped out and I come up missing, well???

Below is stuff that I've got on this web page, but if you really want to be terrified check out these two resources, they have a good bit of substantial evidence, and hundreds of articles of circumstantial evidence, that lead to a very very very solid conclusion.  some of the people in the film have been killed or died mysteriously, and others have been fired from government jobs and/or had assassination attempts on their life's.  I wouldn't normally promote anyone, and I'll probably never have any kind of advertising, but I felt this is stuff you really need to see so I'll put in two links to where you can get them. (Click on the pictures)

The Clinton Chronicles, The most horrifying film I've ever seen.  Clinton has been trying to have it silenced and is currently in his third court case, suing for defamation of character, but every time it goes to court, the Film makers win, because they have enough physical evidence to back up their claims.

Click picture for websight or call (800) 828-2290 or go to (Best price)

"Year of the Rat" is a book that details the China connection to Clinton's presidency, and how it leads to nothing short of treason.  Out of more than 101 potential witnesses involved in this case, all but one have either died or fled the country, but one is still here, and is being investigated by Ken Starr, that's who john Huong is, he an dozens of others are in here, and they have pictures too.  It's sold at most bookstores, and they carry it at HTTP://