it's a jungle out there
used to be a garden
but the times got tough
and now all those innocent hearts have hardened
you've got cain and abel
you've got jack and jill
they're out looking for love
on a saturday night in a coupe de ville

but love got twisted
and the streets got mean
now everybody's got their secret
as the night comes down like a guillotine
you get true confessions
in a twisted world

it's just you and me baby
in the danger zone
we're out looking for permanent love
in the middle of a city full of broken homes
where all the boys want to use you
and all the girls want to cry
and nothing works like it used to
and you can't remember your lines

i heard about a housewife sleeping in the wrong bed
heard a rumor that elvis has risen from the dead
i've seen a lot of lovers been programmed to lose
seen a civilization confessin' the blues

©1986 N.Y.M. ASCAP/Bibo Music ASCAP


in a perfect world it would never end like this
there'd be something we could do
in a perfect world lovers wake up with a kiss
and their wishes all come true
but here we are i thought you belonged to me
it seemed like the perfect arrangement
ain't it funny when you find how wrong you can be

oh this ain't no perfect world
i've got my problems
no this ain't no perfect world
you've got your problems too
now what do we do

in a perfect world i'd have been the boy you need
i'd have been somebody else
in a perfect world you'd have been the girl for me
you could have been yourself
we're dying for love but we're afraid to drop our guard
we're lost in a world gone crazy
where the men won't grow up and the women get so hard

i don't know if we'll wind up friends
i don't know if we'll wind up strangers
cause i've never had to walk away from anybody
i wanted as much as you

©1986 N.Y.M. ASCAP/Bibo Music ASCAP/Hampstead Heath Music ASCAP


i've heard of unfaithful lovers but this is outrageous
soon the national enquirer will run the front pages
i saw shakespeare and cheetah
crying in their margaritas
bad news
they said:

romeo loves jane
the jungle will never be the same
and juliet's crying again
romeo loves jane

now in a world full of hurt how can anybody blame them
and in the heat of wild love how can anybody tame them
they have fallen east of eden now

good love gone bad
bad love gone wild
wild love gone mad
mad love out of control

©1986 N.Y.M. ASCAP/Bibo Music ASCAP/Billym Music ASCAP


two o'clock
the moon is down
we say goodnight
you're headed for bed across town
we haven't even known each other that long
but it doesn't even matter
'cause when you leave it feels all wrong

you belong with me
darlin' we belong together
and every time you leave
it's obvious we're still connected
you live in your world
and i live in mine
but the collision of worlds is just a matter of time
you belong with me

now i can tell
you're so afraid
you've been lied to and taken for granted
and treated like some kind of slave
i'm not after your freedom, i'm after your heart
and i know it's gonna happen
and i knew it right from the start

what happens to people in love is some kind of mystery
yeah but what passes for love on the streets these days is a joke
so when people like us finally stumble into each other
we've got to hold on tight, gotta never, never let go

©1986 Vogue Music BMI/N.Y.M. ASCAP/Bibo Music ASCAP


romeo and juliet
louis and ms. antoinette
napoleon and josephine
mickey and the rodent queen

antony and cleopatra
nicholas and alexandra
ken and barbie, dick and jane
superman and lois lane

i am not impressed
i love you the best
i am not impressed
it's a bunch of losers
a lot of fools
a list of victims
not all that cool
and we've got nothing in this world
to live up to

i'll never kill you this i swear
then kill myself just to be fair
i'll never need another queen
we'll never face the guillotine

because love is gentle love is kind
Doesn't poison baby's wine
isn't jealous or provoked
doesn't quit or give up hope

i am not impressed
forget all the rest
i am not impressed
it's just a bunch of losers
it's a lot of fools
it's a long list of victims
it's got nothing to do with me and you
et cetera

©1986 N.Y.M. ASCAP/Bibo Music ASCAP/Enchanted Dance ASCAP


it's my life
it's my decision
it's my idea of a good time
it's my religion
i don't make no sudden movements
can't afford to make mistakes
i'm a fearless man
i handle snakes (y'all)

the lord of hosts
has got to like me
else this thing here
(this one right here)
would surely strike me
the one man lays down 10 percent
another man trembles and quakes
i save my money
i handle snakes (y'all)

i handle snakes
well i hug 'em and i kiss 'em
i handle snakes
and if they kill me
i'll sure miss 'em

(i handle snakes
i love it when they listen
i handle snakes
and if they kill me
i'm sure gonna miss 'em

'cause it's my life
it's my decision
it's my idea of a good time (yes it is yes it is)
it's my religion
i don't say hallelujah
i don't even say grace
but i make my statement
i say it with snakes

©1986 N.Y.M. ASCAP/Bibo Music ASCAP


she says she loves me
but she's feelin' so bad
she can't seem to trust me
she's been hurt so bad in the past
so she tries to control me
keep me in chains
cause she's so afraid
i won't come back again

honey stop
these emotional war games
in the name of love
before everybody loses


the battle rages
day after day
no one escapes it
and no place is safe
because just one false move
and the shooting starts
just one wrong word
and we fall apart

is this the tunnel of love?
is it a torture chamber?
is it a gift from above
or are we in some kind of danger
or what?

lord teach me patience
show me the way
teach us forgiveness
before it's too late
because i want my baby
and she wants me too
but if we don't stop fighting
lord we're all through

©1986 N.Y.M. ASCAP/Bibo Music ASCAP


she was looking good
she was a beautiful girl
from a tenth generation american dream world
to look at her you would never guess
that she could hurt so bad in such a beautiful dress
1. she had the perfect smile
2. she'd been the perfect child
3. she looked as if she had it all
she was a living doll

she'd been looking around for a new situation
beyond sex and short-term stimulation
'cause everyone she'd ever known
had treated her like she was something they owned, so
1. she played the little girl
2. she was afraid of the whole wide world
3. she felt so helpless and so small
felt like a living doll

she'd never been given a minute of love
unless she met the conditions
and it made her so mad that her heart froze up
and the pain turned into a prison

it was a miracle when she came to life
when true love cut through the pain like a knife
now when the coast is clear and the past is buried
who knows, she might even get married, cause
1. she kinda met this guy
2. he ain't perfect but he's all right
3. now she can't wait for him to call
4. he kinda likes her too
5. she ain't perfect but he says she'll do
6. he keeps her picture on the wall
'cause he thinks she's a living doll

©1986 N.Y.M. ASCAP/Bibo Music ASCAP


he said
ain't this some congregation
ain't this some kind of crowd
they spit in the eye of creation
they're so educated and proud
their plans are outrageous
and the tales are so tall
the conversation's contagious
but the talk is so small
the sidewalks and the streets are overflowing with dread
and every night down here's the night of the living dead

you don't belong here
you know it's true
you look all wrong here
you don't know how to act or what to do
but you know sometimes i think i don't belong here too

she said
it's like walking through fire
it's like shedding your skin
you throw your clothes out the window
you face the person within
it's like dying in public
it's like learning to fly
leaving the world behind you
it's like being born twice

he said "you're probably right all right, but this is my home"
she said "what kind of home is that, living out on death row"

you don't belong here
you're just passing through
you won't last long here
man you're just not that cruel
and i'm gonna say a prayer that you're gonna leave here soon

he thought he was the king of the world
he was walking around in rags
she told him who the king of the world really was
she told him to pack his bags

it was a saturday night
it was the end of the world
it was a fantastic fight
it was impressing the girls
it was impressing the russians
even impressed the chinese
it had 'em running for cover
it had 'em down on their knees
the enemy broke the code and surrounded the building at dawn
but they had disappeared mysteriously
meanwhile the war rages on ...

©1986 N.Y.M. ASCAP/Bibo Music ASCAP


you've been a prisoner
been a prisoner all your life
held captive in an alien world
where they hold your need for love to your throat like a knife
and they make you jump
and they make you do tricks
they take what started off such an innocent heart
and they break it and break it and break it
until it almost can't be fixed

well i don't know when
and i don't know how
i don't know how long it's gonna take
i don't know how hard it will be
but i know
you will go free

now you can call it the devil
call it the big lie
call it a fallen world
whatever it is, it ruins almost everything we try
it's the sins of the fathers
it's the choices we make
it's people screaming without making a sound
from these prison cells in paradise
where we're chained to our mistakes

well i don't know when
and i don't know how
i don't know how much it's gonna cost you
probably everything
but i know
you will go free

you can't see the jailer
you can't see the bars
you can't turn your head around fast enough
but it's everywhere you are
it's all around you
and everywhere you walk these prison walls surround you

but in the midst of all this darkness
in the middle of this night
i see the truth cut through this curtain like a laser
like a pure and holy light
and i know i can't touch you now
and i don't want to speak too soon
but when we get sprung
from out of these cages baby
god knows what we might do

well i don't know when
and i don't know how
i don't know if you'll be leaving alone
or if you'll be leaving with me
but i know
you will go free

i know the truth will set you free
the truth about who you are
the truth about who you were always meant to be

©1986 N.Y.M. ASCAP/Bibo Music ASCAP