(Tonio K./John Keller)

It was a fact before the Arabs
It was a fact before the wheel
It was a fact before the Old South
That the facts don't matter, just the feel

Way back before the garden flooded
Before the people made the deal
Before the tower was erected
The facts didn't matter, just the feel

Who's gonna take a stand?
Who's gonna divide the fiction from the real?
Who's gonna say they doubt it and live to talk about it
When the facts don't matter, just the feel?

Who's got the nerve to fight the system?
Who's got the famous nerves of steel?
Who's got a will that can't be broken, in a world where
The facts don't matter, just the feel?

Yeah, yeah, yeah - everybody laughs 'til everybody cries
Yeah, yeah, yeah - everybody lives 'til everybody dies
And no one can believe their eyes

Who's gonna make a stand?
Who's gonna divide the fiction from the real?
Who's gonna say, "man, I doubt it," & live to tell about it
When the facts don't matter, just the feel?

N.Y.M./Cherry Music (ASCAP), Checkerman Music and Careers Music BMI

(Tonio K./Rick Neigher)

Well, someone should've warned me
Maybe someone did
I should've been listening
But what did I know? I was probably just a kid
Yeah, someone should've told me
About love and how it goes
All I had was the television
My mother and father had problems of their own

And I never knew the rules of engagement
I never knew there even were any rules
And neither did you

We were stumblin' blind and lucky
Through an emotional minefield
Suddenly when our luck ran out
We were just stumblin'
Then we went tumblin'
Down that hill

Well, someone should've told you
Not to surrender to the mirror
Not to put your pretty ear down on the rail
And swear by every distant vibration that you hear
Yeah, someone should've shown you, babe
What it is and what it is not
I wish I could have been the one
My aim was pretty true but I was afraid to even squeeze off a shot

N.Y.M./Cherry Music (ASCAP) and Neigher-Do-Well/Rondor (BMI)

(Tonio K./Reese Winans)

If you see me standing on the corner
If you see me walking down the street
If you accidentally meet me in some crowded room
Please do me a favor, and ignore me
It isn't that I won't be glad to see you
It isn't that I don't care how you're doin'
It's just that I will probably be dyin' on the inside, baby
As a tidal wave of memory floods that room

Because I'm still not over you
I'm still tryin' to find my feet
I'm still searchin' through the ruins
I hope that I'm not stuck here for eternity

I gave up on you back at the crossroads
You chose your path and I was left to mine
It was the hardest thing I ever did when I watched you walk away
Made me leave all your promises behind

I gave up on you, but that doesn't mean it's over
I can't forget you like some book I read
No matter how I distract myself, no matter what I do
No matter who I take to dinner, or to bed
You and I are still connected, like I said

N.Y.M./Cherry Music, Universal Music (ASCAP) and Manchaca Music (BMI)

(Tonio K.)

Well, I guess we tried
I thought I knew how it worked but I guess I didn't
I thought it was you and me and that love was forever
I guess that it wasn't and isn't
Yes, and life goes on
Yes, and I'll be strong
But oh, I don't like it

Well, I want to cry
It's a feeling I guess everybody knows
It's a pain so deep and primitive it almost can't be told
When you give your love
But it's not enough
Oh, I don't like it
Oh, I don't like it

Oh God, I want to rewrite this play
Make it happy
Make you love me
Make it go away

But I guess you lied
You said you would and you knew that you probably wouldn't
You said you could when you obviously couldn't
But what a waste of time
Yours and mine
Oh, I don't like it
Oh, I don't like it

Now you're really gone
All our promises like glass on the street that been shattered
I finally get on the power of love but found out sometimes even love doesn't matter
When you love someone
You can't help but run
Oh, I don't like it
Oh, I don't like it

N.Y.M., Pressman/Cherry, Warner/Chappell (ASCAP)

(Tonio K.)

I've been to Sweden
I've been to Spain
From Argentina
To the Ukraine
I've been from Paris
To Mexico
Yes, and everywhere I go
First I think to myself, then I finally have to yell it:
"This is pretty good, but where's my baby?"

I've seen the famous
I've seen the former
London Bridge
I've seen that great big Chinese Wall
I've seen the world's largest shopping mall
Been to the northsoutheastandwest but I was never that impressed
I say, "This is pretty good, but where's my baby?"

Where's my baby?
Where's she go?
Where's my baby?
When's my baby (that little girl) comin' home?
It's a wild, wild world, but it don't mean nothin'
Without the girl

I've seen the Beatles
I've seen the Stones
Visited Elvis
At his home
I've known some major movie stars
Once met the great-granddaughter of the Czar
It was a groovy bunch of kids, but no matter what they did
I'd say, "This is pretty good, but where's my baby?"

I've seen operas
I've seen plays
I've seen symphonies and ballets
I've seen the miracle of birth
I've seen the government at work
Into the Senate and the House
They were quiet as a mouse, 'til I yelled:

N.Y.M., Pressman/Cherry, Warner/Chappell (ASCAP)