(Tonio K.)

come on people
come on come on
come and gather 'round
put away your knives and forks and spoons
and sit right down
lay your heads upon the railing
close your little eyes
soon you will receive our famous lexical surprise

everybody in this picture
has another face
everybody on the planet's
longing for a taste
of something slightly left of ordinary
special and unique
anything except all of this talk
about world war III
someone must have something else to say
maybe in some brand new language


i don't know
i don't know
i don't know
i just don't know

es ist zimelich ungewšlnich
this is something new
but these glottal babblings are difficult to do
you wonder what can be the meaning
of a chorus such as this
well, meaning, if you'll think about it
probably don't exist
reasonable men are dangerous
remember germany


thank you for your kind attention
you are now dismissed
for your future musing please accept
these useful hints:
effect here in this universe is infinite, it's true
intent however seems to be reducible to two
(that's twice)
so while we sit here waiting for the proof
let us join together in a tune

©1977 Intersong U.S.A. (ASCAP)