8. ˇOlé! Gadfly 233, 1997 CD.


Stop the Clock MP3 clip
Time Steps Aside MP3 clip
Maybe There Isn't MP3 clip
Stuck MP3 clip
That Could Have Been Me MP3 clip
Hey Lady MP3 clip
Come with Me MP3 clip
I'll Remember You MP3 clip
What a Way to Live MP3 clip
Day and Night MP3 clip
Pardon Me for Living MP3 clip
We Walk On MP3 clip

ˇOlé! was previously released in limited quantities by Tonio himself as a bootleg cassette [Pressman Cherry Music (no number), 1993]. Things get a little confusing here: All copies of the bootleg include one song ("Dream Girls") that is not on the Gadfly version, and omit "What a Way to Live." Some copies of the bootleg include an additional song, "Half a Man." Tonio wrote this song, but the vocal is by Andrew Strong, best known for his role as the lead singer of the band portrayed in the 1991 film The Commitments. Clear as mud?