Click on song titles for lyrics. For MP3 () clips, click on the icons next to some of the song titles. These are links to promotional 30-second clips that live on the Gadfly Records Web site. I myself haven't made any clips or copies of Tonio's music, mostly because I lack the server space for them. Finally, be warned that the lyrics to some of the earlier songs would definitely earn the album a parental guidance sticker.
Special thanks to Dan Kennedy, who did much of the work.


(With the exception of the Gadfly releases, which are CD only, all these were also—presumably—released on cassette.)

1. The Crickets—Remnants, Vertigo VEL-1020, 1973 LP.
Listed under his real name, Steve Krikorian, Tonio sings with some members of Buddy Holly's band.


Find Out What's Happening
Lay Lady Lay Down
Rock and Roll Man
I'm Gonna Ruin Your Health
Rhyme and Time
Decoy Baker
Losin' Streak
The Truth Is Still the Same
Hitchhike Out to Venus
Ooh Las Vegas
Draggin' Chains

Long_Way_From_Lubbock.jpg (69053 bytes)2. The Crickets—Long Way from Lubbock, Mercury (UK) 6310 007, 1974 LP.
Tonio alludes to this album in the liner notes to Rodent Weekend '76–'96 (Approximately). It was released only in the United Kingdom. Tonio sings on the two songs he wrote, and plays harmonica. Information on this one comes to us courtesy of Francis Chirsner in France.


An American Love Affair (S. Krikorian)
Lay Lady Lay Down (N. Van Maarth)
Decoy Baker (J. Allison)
He's Got a Way with Women (W. Carson)
Ryme and Time (A. Lee)
I Got a Thing About You Baby (T. J. White)
You Make It Way Too Hard (S.Krikorian)/Ain't Protestin' (J. Allison)
Bony Moronie (L. Williams)
Ooh Las Vegas (R. Grech/G. Parsons)
Find Out What's Happening (J. Crutchfield)
I Like Your Music (S. Curtis)
Now and Then It's Gonna Rain (J. Reid)

3. Life in the Foodchain, 1978.
U.S. black vinyl LP: Full Moon/Epic JE 35545
U.S. green vinyl promo LP: Full Moon/Epic PE 35545
Canadian gold vinyl LP: Full Moon/Epic AL 35545
Japanese LP: Sony 25-3P-135
CD reissue (1995): Gadfly 208


Life in the Foodchain
The Funky Western Civilization
Willie and the Pigman
The Ballad of the Night the Clocks All Quit
(and the Government Failed)
American Love Affair
How Come I Can't See You in My Mirror
Better Late Than Never
A Lover's Plea
4. Amerika (Cars, Guitars & Teenage Violence), Arista AB 4271, 1980 LP.
CD reissue (1997): Gadfly 226


One Big (Happy) Family
Say Goodbye
Sons of the Revolution
Go Away
Cinderella's Baby
Girl Crazy
I'll Buy It
The Night Fast Rodney Went Crazy
Let Us Join Together in a Tune
Umore/Futt Futt Futt/Umore
5. La Bomba, Capitol/EMI MLP-15004, 1982 mini-LP.


Fools Talk        
The New Dark Ages        
La Bomba        
Mars Needs Women        
6. Romeo Unchained, 1986.
LP: What?/A&M WR 8340
(Also released as What? 7-01-682406-1)
CD: What? 7-01-684261-4
CD reissue (1996): Gadfly 217


True Confessions
Perfect World
Romeo and Jane
You Belong With Me
I Handle Snakes
Emotional War Games
Living Doll
You Don't Belong Here
You Will Go Free
7. Notes from the Lost Civilization, 1988.
9-song LP: What? 7-01-686806-0
9-song CD: What? 7016868613
10-song LP: What?/A&M SP 763
10-song CD: What?/A&M CD 763
CD reissue (1996): Gadfly 218
Without Love
Children's Crusade
City Life
You Were There
The Executioner's Song
I Can't Stand It
What Women Want
(not on the 9-song version)
I Can't Stop
Where Is That Place?
8. ¡Olé! Gadfly 233, 1997 CD.


Stop the Clock
Time Steps Aside
Maybe There Isn't
That Could Have Been Me
Hey Lady
Come with Me
I'll Remember You
What a Way to Live
Day and Night
Pardon Me for Living
We Walk On

¡Olé! was previously released in limited quantities by Tonio himself as a bootleg cassette [Pressman Cherry Music (no number), 1993]. Things get a little confusing here: All copies of the bootleg include one song ("Dream Girls") that is not on the Gadfly version, and omit "What a Way to Live." Some copies of the bootleg include an additional song entitled "Half a Man." Tonio wrote this song, but someone else does the vocals. Clear as mud?

9. Rodent Weekend '76–'96 (Approximately), 1998 CD.
U.S.: Gadfly 242
Europe: Hypertension Music 74321 61729 2


The Funky Western Civilization, Phase II  
Hey John  
You Make It Way Too Hard  
Too Cool to Be a Christian  
Baby Don't Do It  
I'll Wait Here  
Don't Talk to Me  
Fools Talk  
New Dark Ages        
Los Gringos        
Mars Needs Women        
Party on the B Ring        
You're Never Too Smart        
The Hunter        
Everything, Including You, Disgusts Me        
I'm Supposed to Have Sex with You        
Harness the Hamster/Rodent Weekend '76        

U.S. Version
(Gadfly Records)

European Version
(Hypertension Music)

10. Yugoslavia, Gadfly 253, 1999 CD.


16 Tons of Monkeys MP3 clip RealAudio clip    
I Know a Place MP3 clip      
Indians and Aliens MP3 clip RealAudio clip    
Murder My Heart        
I'm Here        
Practically Invisible        
Dangerous Machine        
Nothing Mysterious        
Life’s Just Hard        
Student Interview (with the
Third Richest Man in the World)
Sure as Gravity        
Home to You        
I’ve Got a Song Anyway        
11. 16 Tons of Monkeys, Gadfly 279, 2001 CD.


I Handle Snakes
You Don't Belong Here
Stop the Clock
Time Steps Aside
The Facts Don't Matter (Just the Feel)
Blind and Lucky
Still Not Over You
What a Way to Live
16 Tons of Monkeys    
I Don't Like It
Where's My Baby
12. The Raik's Progress—Sewer Rat Love Chant, Sundazed Records, 2003.
LP: LP 5175.
CD: SC 6212.


Sewer Rat Love Chant
Why Did You Rob Us, Tank?
‘F’ in ‘A’
Baby, Please Don’t Go
Don’t Need You
It’s No Use
Call My Name
All Night Long
Prisoner of Chillon
Sewer Rat Love Chant (live)
Why Did You Rob Us, Tank? (live)
I’m Going to Change the World


1. "Mars Needs Women" b/w "Fools Talk." Capitol SRO 9871-9872, 1982.
2. "Romeo and Jane" b/w same. What?/A&M WR-17405, 1986.
3. "Perfect World" b/w same. What?/A&M WR-17430, 1986.
4. "Perfect World" b/w "True Confessions." What? 9016816151-DJ, 1986.
5. Tonio K. Radio Special. What? 9016816577-DJ, 1986.
6. "I'm Suppose [sic] to Have Sex with You" b/w same. Chrysalis VAS 2742, 1987.
7. "I'm Supposed to Have Sex with You" b/w "True Confessions." A&M SP 12252, 1987.
8. "Stay" b/w "Executioner's Song." What? 901-6610-57X, 1988.
9. "Without Love" b/w same. What?/A&M SP-17527, 1988.
10. "Without Love" 4-song EP. What?/A&M (UK) AMY 434, 1988.

Without Love
The Executioner's Song
I Can't Stop
Where Is That Place?

11. "You Were There" b/w Notes on: Notes from the Lost Civilization (interview). What? 9016610154, 1988.


1. "Why Did You Rob Us, Tank?" b/w "Sewer Rat Love Chant" (with The Raik's Progress). Liberty 55930, 1967.
2. "Better Late Than Never" b/w same. Full Moon 8-50681, 1978 (promo). One side is mono; the other side is stereo.
3. "Better Late Than Never" b/w "Willie and the Pigman." Epic 50681, 1978.
4. "The Funky Western Civilization" b/w "American Love Affair." Epic 7310, 1978 (Holland). In pic sleeve.
5. "The Funky Western Civilization" b/w same. Epic 7310, 1978 (Germany).
6. "Cinderella's Baby" b/w same. Arista AS 0521, 1980 (promo). One side is mono; the other side is stereo.
7. "Perfect World" b/w "You Will Go Free." What?/A&M HZ-2881, 1986.
8. "Perfect World" b/w same. What?/A&M HZ-2881, 1986.
9. "Stay" b/w "The Executioner's Song." What? 1206, 1988. (OK, I'm doubting the existence of this one. There is a 12" with these two songs, but I don't think there's a 45. Seeing as how I've listed the same reference number twice [see next entry], I think I made a mistake here. If this exists and you own it, e-mail me and let me know.)
10. "Stay" b/w same. What? 1206, 1988 (promo). The two sides are different mixes.
11. "Without Love" b/w "I Can't Stop." What? AM 434, 1988 (UK).


1. "Stay." What?/A&M CD 17546/DX 3151, 1988.
2. "Stay." A&M S10Y 3020 (3" CD), 1988 (Japan).

Without Love

3. We'll Let the Music Speak for Itself. A&M 17525 (3" CD).

Without Love
Medley: Children's Crusade/Executioner's Song/Stay

4. "Without Love." Gadfly CD (no number), 1996.

Without Love
Perfect World
City Life


1. "Notes on: Notes from the Lost Civilization." What? (no number), 1988. Interview with portions of songs.
Track list:

Opening Notes
Without Love
Children's Crusade
I Can't Stand It
City Life
You Were There
The Executioner's Song
I Can't Stop
Where Is That Place?
I Know What These Women Want
Closing Notes


1. "Tonio K.—Test Pressing." No label, 1981. Matrix number YM001.

School Is Out
Billy's Song
I Handle Snakes
Hey John


1. Untitled (4-band sampler). Epic AS 537, 1978 12" picture disc.
Also exists on plain black vinyl.
A word of explanation: This is an extremely weird pic disc. It has portions of the cover art from albums by Trillion, Brownsville, the Fabulous Poodles, and Tonio K., and contains 2 songs from each artist. Songs by Tonio are

Life in the Foodchain
The Funky Western Civilization
2. Dal Rock al Rock. CBS 88470, 1979 LP (Italy).
It appears our Italian friends can't get enough of Tonio K.
Life in the Foodchain

3. This may well be the most obscure, hard-to-obtain Tonio K. song of them all: A ditty entitled "The Tuff Do What?"—credited to Tonio K.—was used in the film Real Genius. You'll tear your hair out when I tell you that apparently, no soundtrack album for this film was ever released.

A clip from the song appears early in the film, just after the "President's Freshman Tea" scene. As Mitch (Gabe Jarret) enters the student union, Tonio K.'s voice can be clearly heard singing: "In case you hadn't noticed/It's the dog eating dog eating dog eating dog eating/In case you hadn't noticed/It's the cat and mouse." (Remind you of "Life in the Foodchain"?) Then the volume drops sharply, and the song continues underneath the dialogue for a couple more minutes. I hope you can impress your relatives with this worthless bit of information.

The Tuff Do What?

4. Dance Electric. BBC Radioplay TAIR 85005, UK LP (early 1980s?). Here's a radio-only sampler LP featuring two cuts each from Paul Delph, Holly Knight, and Brock Walsh as well as Tonio K. Notably, it contains "Baby Don't Do It," which wasn't released commercially until it showed up much later on Rodent Weekend '76–'96 (Approximately).


Baby Don't Do It
I Handle Snakes
5. Take 'Em With You 3 (Word, 1986, 901-6786-295) & 4 (Word, 1986, 901-6218-297). Promo sampler cassettes. Anyone still got one of these? They were part of a promotional campaign for Word Records. You got one of these cheap if you bought an album, and you could also enter a drawing for a free Walkman. There were about five or six different tapes; Tonio's "Impressed" was on tape #3, and "Perfect World" appeared on tape #4.
Perfect World

6. Summer School (film soundtrack, 1987).
LP: Chrysalis OV 41607
CD: Chrysalis VK 41607/DXD 1898

I'm Supposed to Have Sex with You
7. Audio Buffet. Chrysalis, 1987. This is a promo-only CD compilation with songs from Art of Noise, Dweezil Zappa, Huey Lewis and the News, and our hero, Tonio K.
I'm Supposed to Have Sex with You
Hard_Attack.jpg (29593 bytes)8. Hard Attack, Vol. 1. June 1987. Radio sampler.
I'm Supposed to Have Sex with You
9. The Album Network: Top 40 CD Tuneup No. 3 and CD Tuneup No. 16. 1988.
Radio samplers for DJs. "Stay" appeared on both of these.
10. The Best of La Bamba. Rhino 70617, 1988 CD/LP/cassette. This is a song Ritchie Valens stole from some mariachi band. Here's Tonio (and a host of others, including the Rice University Marching Band) stealing it back.
La Bomba
Les Aventures11. Les Aventures (Continued). A&M 8358482, 1988. A "various artists" promo sampler printed in West Germany, with two tracks each from artists such as Toni Childs, the Brothers Johnson, and Tonio K.
The Executioner's Song
Without Love
12. KLBJ Local Licks Live. 1992. This compilation of live recordings from bands in Austin, Texas, produced by a local radio station, contains the recorded debut of Tonio's band 16 Tons of Monkeys.
The Facts Don't Matter (Just the Feel)
13. OK, how's this for hard to find? Tonio's "Sixteen Tons" was used in Seth Winston's 1993 Showtime cable film Session Man, which, despite winning an Academy Award for best live-action short, is not even available on video. If you know where I can get a copy of this film, tell me.
Sixteen Tons
14. Just Can't Get Enough: New Wave Hits of the '80s, Vol 2. Rhino 71695, 1994 CD. (Note: This title is also available on cassette, but the song we're interested in appears only as a CD bonus track.)
The Funky Western Civilization
15. Strong Hand of Love: A Tribute to Mark Heard. Fingerprint/Myrrh, 1994.
Pre-release cassette: ACC701-6979
CD: 701697961X
Another Day in Limbo
16. Beyond the Calico Wall. Voxx 2051, 1993 CD. This collection of mega-obscure '60s psychedelia includes Tonio's first band, The Raik's Progress, with "Sewer Rat Love Chant," the B-side of their only single.
Sewer Rat Love Chant (The Raik's Progress)
17. Into the Anxious 80's: New Wave Hits of the 80's. Risky Business 67306, 1995 CD.
The Funky Western Civilization
18. Orphans of God. Fingerprint 9601 FCD, 1996 double CD. This is another Mark Heard tribute collection from the fine folks at Fingerprint.
Another Day in Limbo
19. Family Album. Gadfly 240, 1998 CD. A collection of songs by Gadfly artists about family relationships. Some of the proceeds benefit U.S. child advocacy groups.
Hey Lady
20. Gadfly Pie. Gadfly 245, 1998 CD. Gadfly's first-ever promotional sampler includes Tonio's "Monster Movie," a non-album tune available only here.
Monster Movie
21. Clay Pigeons (film soundtrack). UNI/Universal, 1998 CD. Pat Boone, Tonio K., and Lyle Lovett all on the same soundtrack—who'da thunk it?
Stop the Clock
22. U-Spaces: Psychedelic Archaeology, Volume 1. Delerium Records (no number), 1999. This is a for-trade-only CD-R compilation put together by members of U-Spaces, an Internet discussion group devoted to '60s psychedelia. Believe it or not, this disc includes "Why Did You Rob Us Tank?"—the A-side of the single Tonio released in 1967 with The Raik's Progress.

Why Did You Rob Us Tank? (The Raik's Progress)

23. Truth is always stranger than fiction. Always. Can you think of a less likely place for a Tonio K. song than in a film featuring  those multimillionaire teen queens of direct-to-video, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen? Well, it's true—reportedly there's a scene in their flick Winning London where a disco club full of Brits are groovin' to Tonio's "The Funky Western Civilization." You'd think the Olsen girls would have the sense to also include the song on the film's soundtrack CD, but they didn't. Guess their hipness only goes so far.
The Funky Western Civilization
24. Fat City Presents Bands We Like, Vol. 1. Combat Zone Records, 2003 CD. Punk sampler released by Boston's Fat City magazine. Available free with purchase of Issue #6 of said magazine.


1. "Without Love," 1988. Never saw this on MTV myself, but they did play it.
2. "City Life," 1988. This was filmed at Tonio's downtown L.A. apartment—appropriate, since the view from that apartment inspired him to write the song. Apparently this one got a little airplay too.
3. Austin Music Network, Tex Mix #62: Love Gone Sour. This is a cable TV show that airs on Channel 15 in Austin, Texas, and covers the local music scene. This episode features Tonio and several other artists. I'm not sure what song he sings on it. Check out the nifty Austin Music Network homepage for more information.
4. "We Walk On," 1997. Released by Gadfly to support the ¡Olé! album. Hit those request lines!


Here's a list of songs Tonio has written and/or performed but never released.