Long_Way_From_Lubbock.jpg (69053 bytes)2. The Crickets—Long Way from Lubbock, Mercury (UK) 6310 007, 1974 LP.
Tonio alludes to this album in the liner notes to Rodent Weekend '76–'96 (Approximately). It was released only in the United Kingdom. Tonio sings on the two songs he wrote, and plays harmonica. Information on this one comes to us courtesy of Francis Chirsner in France.


An American Love Affair (S. Krikorian)
Lay Lady Lay Down (N. Van Maarth)
Decoy Baker (J. Allison)
He's Got a Way with Women (W. Carson)
Ryme and Time (A. Lee)
I Got a Thing About You Baby (T. J. White)
You Make It Way Too Hard (S.Krikorian)/Ain't Protestin' (J. Allison)
Bony Moronie (L. Williams)
Ooh Las Vegas (R. Grech/G. Parsons)
Find Out What's Happening (J. Crutchfield)
I Like Your Music (S. Curtis)
Now and Then It's Gonna Rain (J. Reid)