1. "Why Did You Rob Us, Tank?" b/w "Sewer Rat Love Chant" (with The Raik's Progress). Liberty 55930, 1967.
  2. "Better Late Than Never" b/w same. Full Moon 8-50681, 1978 (promo). One side is mono; the other side is stereo.
  3. "Better Late Than Never" b/w "Willie and the Pigman." Epic 50681, 1978.
  4. "The Funky Western Civilization" b/w "American Love Affair." Epic 7310, 1978 (Holland). In pic sleeve.
  5.  "The Funky Western Civilization" b/w same. Epic 7310, 1978 (Germany).
  6. "Cinderella's Baby" b/w same. Arista AS 0521, 1980 (promo). One side is mono; the other side is stereo.
  7. "Cinderella's Baby" b/w "The Night Fast Rodney Went Crazy." Arista AS 0521, 1980 (promo, Canada). Both sides stereo.
  8. "Cinderella's Baby" b/w "One Big Happy Family." CBS BA-222708, 1980 (promo, Australia).
  9. "Perfect World" b/w "You Will Go Free." What?/A&M HZ-2881, 1986.
  10. "Perfect World" b/w same. What?/A&M HZ-2881, 1986.
  11. "You Will Go Free" b/w "Impressed." What? 9016816208-DJ, 1986.
  12. "I'm Supposed to Have Sex with You" b/s same. Chrysalis VS7 2785, 1987.
  13. "Stay" b/w "The Executioner's Song." What? 1206, 1988. (OK, I'm doubting the existence of this one. There is a 12" with these two songs, but I don't think there's a 45. Seeing as how I've listed the same reference number twice [see next entry], I think I made a mistake here. If this exists and you own it, e-mail me and let me know.)
  14. "Stay" b/w same. What? 1206, 1988 (promo). The two sides are different mixes.
  15. "Without Love" b/w "I Can't Stop." What? AM 434, 1988 (UK); A&M 390 298-7 (Germany).