3. This may well be the most obscure, hard-to-obtain Tonio K. song of them all: A ditty entitled "The Tuff Do What?"—credited to Tonio K.—was used in the film Real Genius. You'll tear your hair out when I tell you that apparently, no soundtrack album for this film was ever released.

A clip from the song appears early in the film, just after the "President's Freshman Tea" scene. As Mitch (Gabe Jarret) enters the student union, Tonio K.'s voice can be clearly heard singing: "In case you hadn't noticed/It's the dog eating dog eating dog eating dog eating/In case you hadn't noticed/It's the cat and mouse." (Remind you of "Life in the Foodchain"?) Then the volume drops sharply, and the song continues underneath the dialogue for a couple more minutes. I hope you can impress your relatives with this worthless bit of information.

The Tuff Do What?