by John Gilbert
Here are some websites and message boards of interest, and links to a few examples of my writing.

___The Anotherealm message board
___The Whortleberry Press message board

Steel Moon Publishing (Dec 2007) published a political haiku of mine, and then went under, again.
Steel Moon Publishing (Oct 2007) reprinted two of my political haikus originally in its predecessor, Ragged Edge Publishing, from 2005

Static Movement Online (Sept 2007) reprinted my super short SF flash story "Dream Job?"

AlienSkin (June/July 2006) published my SF flash short "Discovery" which is my first paid sale! And I was in the issue's 'Alien Interrogation' where the contributors comment on a provided topic

Astounding Tales, (for a few hours on 3/1/06), posted my fantasy short "The Queen of the Forest" and the magazine shut down that same day
Flash fiction contest stories once at (the now defunct) Astounding Tales:
___January 2006, contest was 'death pole 69' and my entry was "Wave Function"
___June 2005, contest was based on a picture of UFOs hauling off famous Earth structures, and my entry was "The Return of The King"
Astounding Tales, (6/1/05), posted my flash short "Harry and Exciter Visit an Island" but has since gone under

Anotherealm, (6/1/05), posted my flash short "Main Sequence"
Flash fiction contest stories at Anotherealm:
___Apr/May 2005, contest is 'the day after' and my entry was "Summit Day Plus One"
___Feb/Mar 2005, contest is 'those darn neighbors' and my entry was "Shift Differential"

I have a seldom updated personal blog at "neoscifi.blogspot.com"