Lewis and Clark Exposition

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This page looks at exonumia from the Lewis and Clark Exposition that was created ready for suspension. These pieces are all either holed for suspension or are made looped. Much of this material was made to hang from pins or ribbons, or as part of a watch fob. All of the items that are related to watch fobs are listed on the watch fob page of this website, and are briefly listed on this page.

Watch fobs (includes Trantow items 6a, 8a and 20a) can be found here:
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Trantow 5a and 5b, are the "BABY DAY" pieces. Trantow 5a was silverplated with a manufacturer's stamp, and 5b was not plated and had no stamp. Neither of my pieces show any trace of plating, but one does have a manufacturer's stamp. It is dark and somewhat corroded, so the scan does not show very good detail.
Here is the obverse of these pieces which are like Trantow 5a or 5b:

Here are the reverses. On the left hand corroded piece, there is a football shaped mark above the date. That is the manufacturers stamp:

Trantow 7a, is part of a Masonic hanging clasp. I have two highly gilt pieces that are suspended on very ornate Masonic clasps, and one "loose" piece that is either highly toned or never was gilt.
Here are the obverses of Trantow 7a:

Here is a link to a picture of the (boring) reverses of Trantow 7a: REVERSES

An unlisted piece from Coblentz and Levy is very similar to the obverse of 7a. Here is a link to the obverse of this unlisted piece: OBVERSE
And a link to the reverse of the unlisted Coblentz and Levy: REVERSE

Trantow 8a, and some similar unlisted pieces, are listed on the fob page.

Trantow 8b, 8c, 8d, and 8e are a completely different piece, and Trantow's numbering system is terrible! These pieces have the Government building on one side and the expo logo (surrounded by ornate filligree) on the other side. Trantow lists several exotic metals and finishes, that I have not seen. Here is the obverse of a typical piece:

Here is the reverse:

Trantow 9a is just larger than a quarter, and is reeded and looped. Here is the obverse:

Here is the reverse:

Trantow 11a and 11b are the size of gold dollars, with 11a supposed to be plain bronze with a loop and 11b being gilt bronze. I have five examples that come from two different sets of dies. The two looped pieces on the stickpins have thinner faces on the portraits and tend to be darker. The other three pieces have wider, squarish portraits, tend to be shinier, and come both looped and unlooped. This piece also has been seen as a set of cufflinks, but with the back side being blank instead of showing Mt. Hood.
Five examples of 11a and 11b:

Here are the reverses:

Trantow 12a, the Lewis and Clark 'penny', is the same size as a cent. I have several, including one that is suspended from an eagle topped stickpin and one from a hard enamel 'ribbon' design.
Here are the obverses of these tokens:

Here are the reverses:

Here is the stickpin with an enameled ribbon motif:

Trantow 13a, is an interesting piece. This is an aluminum piece dispensed from a vending machine. The purchaser can type in a short legend that is crudely tooled by the vending machine onto the token. Each one is generally unique. I have eight examples that have the same central 'Portland Fair' design, and also a couple more pieces that might be from the Lewis and Clark fair, but that have different designs. I do not know what these sorts of tokens should be called, but I also have a large collection of them!
Here are the obverses of these tokens. The top eight are similar to Trantow 13a, and the bottom two might not even be related to the expo at all:

The reverses are plain and boring. Here are the two kinds of reverse:

Trantow 18a, (U.S. Cream Separators) is very common. This piece may have been issued during the fair or perhaps shortly after, as it seems to advertise the award they won during the fair. It is usually found with a small hole for suspension, often with a metal loop. A non-holed example was sold on ebay, but it is not clear if it was truly non-holed or if the hole had been expertly filled.
Here is the obverse of the US Cream Separators token:

And the reverse:

Trantow 19a, (Championship) I do not have. It is odd that Trantow listed this item, as he did not normally list non-round pieces. An example was sold on ebay, complete with presentation box and ribbon (!) and described as probably being silver (Trantow only lists bronze). The picture from ebay can be viewed here: PHOTO
Another, regular bronze example can be viewed here: OBVERSE REVERSE
Another example, without the ribbon and loop can be seen here: OBVERSE REVERSE

Trantow 20a, (Sacajawea) I have one example of this looped aluminum piece. It is also the end piece of the aluminum watch fob with Mt. Hood shown on some other parts of the fob. See the page about watch fobs for many pictures.

Trantow 28a, (City Park) Trantow describes the piece as silver plated copper. I have one piece that appears to be copper, and one piece that appears to be a white metal like tin or nickel. A gilt example has also been seen on ebay.

Trantow 28a obverses:

Trantow 28a reverses:

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