Lewis and Clark Exposition

A huge variety of ribbons and celluloid buttons were issued at the Lewis and Clark Expo. Almost every day that the fair was open would be proclaimed a 'special' day, (Scandinavian day, I.O.O.F. day, Traveling Mens' day, etc.) and lead to issues of ribbons, buttons or both. Also many of the displays had their own ribbons or buttons that they sold or gave away over a long period of time.

It is beyond my ability to collect or even catalogue all of these items, but I will simply show pictures of several items, to give the reader a taste for what is out there. Probably the best way to collect these items would be to work off a list of the special 'days' at the fair and also a list of the booths at the fair. The local papers of the time, particularly the Portland Oregonian, would be a great resource in finding out more about the daily activities at the expo. Clearly this would be a large project!

Trantow 14b, 14c and 14d, are the only celluloid buttons that Trantow mentions in his article. I have avoided collecting them, although I do have two examples of 14d. The Trantow article has a stray unlabeled partial paragraph that looks as if it would be the description for 14a, (another celluloid button) although it does not say 14a anywhere. Why these few made it into Trantow's article is anyone's guess.
Trantow 14d:

Here is a link to the (boring) reverses. Unfortunately, neither has an intact paper insert: REVERSE

For the rest of this page, I will just list pictures without any description:

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