Lewis and Clark Exposition Watch Fobs

This page of my Lewis and Clark Exposition collection looks only at watch fobs. There are an amazing number of fobs from the Lewis and Clark Expo, and many of them are truly beautiful. In general, the attractive fobs fetch quite high prices, as there are lots of collectors after them. Also unlike many other souvenirs, fobs had a useful function, and many probably did get worn out in real usage.

Trantow did not list any fob as a fob. His item 8a, the City Brewery piece, is the looped token at the end of one of the most attractive of fobs. This piece sells on ebay quite often, and usually reaches a good price, as there are plenty of interested beer exonumia collecters as well as Oregon and Lewis and Clark collectors that all want this neat piece.

Here are pictures from one of the better looking City Brewery auctions: One Two Three Four

I have one example of this piece that fits closely with the various Trantow number 8 pieces. It is looped, with the government building on one side (not the exact same die though) and the other side has a fancy "JDM" in the middle, "MONOGRAM CIGAR" above and "*J*D*MEYER*" below.
Here is the obverse of this piece that belongs with the other Trantow 8 numbers:

Here is the reverse of this piece that belongs with the other Trantow 8 numbers:

Some pictures from ebay that show the complete MONOGRAM CIGAR fob can be viewed here: OBVERSE REVERSE

Another very similar piece, is the BLAKE MCFALL piece. I do not have proof that it was a watch fob though, but it is very close to the above pieces, and it seems likely that it could have been mounted on a fob: OBVERSE REVERSE

Another similar piece, that has been seen mounted on a very short fob, is the DEVERS item: OBVERSE REVERSE WITH HOOK

A fob that just advertises the exposition is here: OBVERSE REVERSE

The same fob, but with the pieces put together in a different order, is here: OBVERSE REVERSE

A possibly broken fob showing Mt. Hood can be seen in these links. I would guess that a hook for a watch has broken off of this item. The looped piece at the bottom is listed by Trantow as his item 20a: MT HOOD1 MT HOOD2 MT HOOD3 MT HOOD4

A terribly out of focus fob can be viewed here: BLUR

A fob spanning two expos is here. The bottom token matches Trantow 6a, which also comes without loops: OBVERSE REVERSE

A similar fob, but with a center piece commenting on the Russo-Japanese war instead of a piece about the St. Louis Fair, is here: OBVERSE REVERSE

Another nice fob is here: SMALLFOB

A fob with the same token but a different suspension can be seen here: OBVERSE CLOSEUP

A shield shaped fob can be seen here. There are at least five varieties of shield shaped pieces: OBVERSE REVERSE

Another shield shaped fob can be seen here: OBVERSE STRAP

And another shield fob is here: OBVERSE

Two more shield shaped fobs and another probable fob piece can be seen here. The piece in the middle also is known without the punched out hole.: OBVERSE REVERSE

Another, rectangular fob from the same people that made the shield fobs can be seen here: OBVERSE

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