ANNOUNCEMENTS: Due to several events recently affecting our planet, increasing attention is being given to finding safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly energy generation technologies. This work is partly done through Tesla Academy (see link to the right). Another important part is a series of scientific conferences which date back all the way to 1983.  An extensive set of essays on how music works therapeutically is accessible here.  All these things tie in together. 
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Tesla Academy Teaching the basics of Tesla-initiated research lines at all levels. Main subject areas are: Advanced Energy Research, Environmental Health, Music, and Logic.
Music including catalog, performance info, articles, and FREE MP3s
Publications Catalog Books, DVDs, special sets, pamphlets, etc.
Cheyenne Logos is the official home for free educational writings by Michael Riversong. These outline the history of educational systems, the current state of American education, and important solutions that anyone can help implement.
Environmental Consulting including articles and access to services
Scientific and More Teaching the oldest part of this site complex, dating back to 1997 -- chaotic with lots of information including articles and access to consulting services
Biblical Bards Music origins and background of this work. Includes articles, catalogs, MP3s, and educational links.
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