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Due to several events recently affecting our planet, increasing attention is being given to finding safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly energy generation technologies. This work is partly done through Tesla Academy (see link to the right). Another important part is a series of scientific conferences which date back all the way to 1983. Get the most current information; Come to the ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference in Albuquerque July 29 - August 1. Details and registration info are at Tesla Tech

Get the unique DVD, "3-Dimensional Music Theory".  This video is good for students and all kinds of musicians. It will provide a deep undertanding of how our system of music really works.  $22.00 plus $2 shipping, through PayPal or mailed check.

Tesla Academy is moving to Fort Collins! To assist with this please contact directly by email. Become part of the ultimate technological elite on this planet!

Welcome to the main Michael Riversong gateway page!

Here are your current options:

Tesla Academy Teaching the basics of Tesla-initiated research lines at all levels. Main subject areas are: Advanced Energy Research, Environmental Health, Music, and Logic.

Music including catalog, performance info, articles, and FREE MP3s

Publications Catalog Books, DVDs, special sets, pamphlets, etc.

Cheyenne Logos is the official home for free educational writings by Michael Riversong. These outline the history of educational systems, the current state of American education, and important solutions that anyone can help implement.

Environmental Consulting including articles and access to services

Scientific and More Teaching the oldest part of this site complex, dating back to 1997 -- chaotic with lots of information including articles and access to consulting services

Biblical Bards Music origins and background of this work.  Includes articles, catalogs, MP3s, and educational links.

These sites are often revised, so please bookmark this page and return often, to see new articles, pictures, and maybe more free MP3s to download.

Also, there are several free Yahoo Groups one-way announcement lists you can subscribe to.  Email  directly to get subscribed. 

One list is for local announcements, meaning most of its members reside in the Northern Colorado communities of Fort Collins, Loveland, or Greeley.
Another list is for Cheyenne, Laramie, or Western Nebraska. 
An announcement list to the Denver area is available for the convenience of people living in Colorado's largest metropolis.

The International list is set up for people outside the Rocky Mountain Front Range region, and produces occasional bulletins about upcoming releases, tours, and ongoing projects. is your opportunity to discuss any aspect of the work with others who share this interest.  It is evolving into a virtual, open, worldwide "Board of Directors". is an open discussion list for anyone connected with Upstate New York, where actions related to organizing an advanced research facility are happening.

Michael Riversong is on Facebook; just search for the name.
Web log with current thoughts at Michael Riversong's Live Journal

Photo Gallery at Michael Riversong's Personal Photo Gallery

Michael Riversong
P.O. Box 1891
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Textbook on the ancient tradition of healing with music, and how it can be used in modern times. Includes sections on specific health situations, how Bards help whole communities, examples of individual Bards in practice, and music theory related to healing. Parts of this book have been placed on these web sites. Manuscript is ready for publication.  At this time, a pre-publication edition of the book is being made available in small quantities to individuals, through a book store in Maryland and this web site.

Compact book on how to create healthy living environments, oriented toward homeowners. Finished; photos available for layout.

Personnel manual that helps people find their own ideal occupation, and helps managers build a functional organization. Suitable illustrations need to be integrated. As a public service, the preliminary edition is currently available for free download at Tesla Academy

Deep study of ways that environmental changes can specifically affect health. Large number of photos have been taken and are now being scanned into computer format. Some text has been written.

Specific physical models can be used to gain quick understanding of many music theory concepts. Photos have been taken, some text has been written.

Textbook on modern geobiology theory and practice. Outlined and about half written. Some illustrations need to be developed.

Integration of scientifically based Feng Shui with German and American environmental practices. Finished, published, should be available through Borderlands Science Research Foundation. Complete text has also been included on the Environmental CD-ROM available through Tesla Academy. (Contract allows republication with another publisher.)