Planet Express Delivery Ship

The Planet Express Ship makes much of Futurama's action possible. Without the Ship, Nixon's Head would have captured Fry his first day out of the Freezer.

As that old fart Farnsworth is secretive and suspicious that Mount Futurama is a front for the Internal Revenue Service, all the data presented his is either publicly available or the result of reverse engineering.

Please consider this a work in progress.

Acomodations.. Artificial Gravity.. Cargo Handling.. Propulsion.. Under carriage.. Weapons..


view Aft from NoseView forward from forward positions

Passenger facilities are on the upper deck. As this ship's speed makes most missions day trips, the crew can usually be found in the glazed forward section on three well upholstered acceleration couches.

Forward Crew PositionsGlazed Section, external Port View

The ship is conned from a position amidships on the upper deck in a layout reminiscent of a 20th century bass boat. There are two crew positions forward, usually "manned" by Fry and Bender.

Captain's Cabin

Immediately aft of the pilot's position is the laundry room. Also contained in the aft potion of the upper deck are the crew quarters , galley, captain's cabin, and engineering spaces.

There's a galley area aft on the top deck complete with 30th Century Microwave.

Artificial Gravity

The Ship makes extensive use of artificial gravity, produced with a standard gravity pump. The primary use for this is to maintain a steady standard gravity inside the cabin regardless of acceleration or local gravity.

The gravity pump also allows the ship to hover and back.

Cargo Capacity

While the actual weight lifting capacity of the Ship is unknown, the ship mounts a powerful winch with an electro magnetic pickup and a diamond fiber cable that can mag+sling load the equivalent weight of one fully loaded, Historical Stickler Society approved, Eagle class lunar lander.

The Hold is divided into two parts. The forward section can be accessed through the belly hatch and elevator. The aft section can be reached through an external hatch or internally from the forward section.

Over size pay loads can be strapped to the ships' back or sling loaded.


Everyone knows that Professor Farnsworth's dark matter drive gives his ship the juice to travel between galaxies. The exact nature of the drive is not known, but there are rumors.

It is said the professor invented the drive in a dream then forgot it in another dream. It has been claimed that the Planet Express Ship doesn't move at all, but rather the universe moves around it. As unlikely as it seems, this is the most commonly encountered explanation.

Nibbler Nuggets

Dark Matter fuel pellets (Nibbler Nuggets) are loaded into internal furnaces. In a process known only to the professor it is converted into super relativistic plasma and fed to the thrust array through an external conduit. An engagement with the Robot Mafia proved this line vulnerable to external clamping.

Dual Dark Matter Reactors

The professor changed the ship from a single to a dual reactor configuration. The new configuration requires rather more clamping to disable. It also has the benefit of allowing the ship to be steered with differential thrust.

Bender directly actuates the drive array

The Ship maneuvers by gimballing the dark matter drive array. This array can be manipulated by a DC team ( or a current hungry Bending Unit )on the outside of the hull if necessary.

Differential thrust turns can be made by starving one dark matter reactor and supercharging the other.

Whether it's operated on the principle of moving the universe or harnessing ethereal geese, the ship is can reach destinations as far out as the Galaxy of Terror.


The Planet Express Ship employs a retractable tripod undercarriage to make vertical landings and takeoffs. It can be rail launched from the Planet Express Hangar.

The forward gear is also a space stair that serves as the main crew entrance. The mains retract into wells flanking the cargo bay.


Wreck of the first Planet Express Ship

The nature of the Professor's clientelle means that Planet Express missions are dangerous. (Milk Runs don't pay for Doomsday Devices.) And that means the ship has to pack weapons.

Dorsal Power Turret

The most obvious armament is her dorsal turret. This transparent power driven bubble and its hand held laser can handle lightweight threats or incoming ordinance. It had sufficient power to crater the hull of the Omicron Persei 8 flag ship.

Two round doors forward are torpedo launchers fed from four tubes inside the Ship. Common practice is to carry a pair of conventional and a pair of unconventional weapons.

The Planet Express Delivery ship has been seen emitting stream of energy through the forward ports. I hypothesize the existence of an energy weapon capable of being inserted in the tube and fired through the forward ports.

The ship can also carry larger ordinance up to and including doomsday devices in her hold.